Most Americans Support Psychedelics for Military Mental Health

Thank you for your service! It’s a common sight: the outward show of respect upon meeting a member of the military, whether a veteran or in active service. Modern-day heroes, they are called, for fighting for our freedoms. Especially in America. As a token of gratitude, civilians would often let veterans go first in the […]

Can Psychedelics Help You Communicate With Animals?

Who hasn’t dreamed of talking to animals? Chatting with your best-buddy doggo, or asking that squirrel in the park what he’s actually gonna do with those nuts?  There’s long been characters in film and media with this special skill, the most famous being Dr. Dolittle, a very Victorian gentleman who wore top-hats and chatted to […]

The Mysterious Link Between Psychedelics and Extrasensory Perception

Have you ever tripped out so hard that you started hearing voices? How about that sensation of feeling the “souls” of everything surrounding you. The spirits of plants, animals, or even inanimate objects? Have you ever experienced something that you can’t quite explain, which you know is real — but nobody will believe you anyway […]

The New Scale to Measure Psychedelic Integration

A key part of the psychedelic therapy experience is integration. Integration is the part that happens after the trip. It is the act of working with the insights, emotions and new attitudes you have gained through your psychedelic experience. Integration is defined as “the act or process of uniting different things” — it is how […]

Can Magic Mushrooms Show You Your Future?

Reading the stars. Delving into the Tarot. Consulting the crystal orb. Humans have long sought to decipher what their future might hold. There are some who claim to be gifted with the ‘sight’. An ability to see forward into time, that extends beyond pure co-incidence or confirmation bias. Whether you believe in this phenomena or […]

Compass Pathways giver grønt lys til forsøg med psilocybin til behandling af anoreksi

Breaking psykedeliske nyheder! Efter sidste års FDA-godkendelse af Tryp Therapeutics' fase 2a-studie med psilocybin til behandling af spiseforstyrrelser er et andet firma ved at nærme sig et lignende mål. I denne måned har COMPASS Pathways iværksat et klinisk fase II-forsøg til behandling af anorexia nervosa. Deres foretrukne våben? En særlig syntetisk blanding af det aktive stof i magiske svampe og trøfler, [...]

10 sommerfilm at se, mens du rejser

Vi befinder os midt i sommeren. Dagene er lange, solen skinner (forhåbentlig), og måske er du endda på ferie. Selv om det er drømmende at være i parken eller på stranden, på fortovet og spise sodavand eller på en kammerats solbeskinnede altan - nogle gange har man brug for et lille pusterum. Især hvis du er [...]