Raiding Area 51! Psilocybin

CONTEST: Raiding Area 51 on Psilocybin

Okay, we’re all asking: “what is area 51?” “Are there aliens in Area 51?” “Is it legal to go are 51?” “Are UFOs real?”  

More then a million people are determined to find out! The Facebook event has organized a raid on the ultra secret Area 51: which now has more then a million RSVP attendance.  

The plan is “to all meet up at the “Area 51 Alien Center tourist attraction” and coordinate our entry. If we Naruto run, we can move faster than their bullets. “Lets see them aliens”  
Thousand of memes has spawn from this hashtag:  #area51     
This has become such a big phenomenon that the US military warns against plans to the “Storm Area 51” which means they are probably not laughing with us! (or maybe they secretly are?)
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Pewdiepie funny video on Area 51

Indept video from Internet Today

All we can say is that taking PSILOCYBIN while storming Area 51 MAY help you see the bullets and protect you against the radiation from all those bomb tests! 

Most importantly, while you’re rescuing them aliens it should bring you on their levels so you can get on their wavelength and communicate with them about the rescue plan. ???

As mentioned above we think psilocybin could really help you while storming Area15 ? ​and of course we would like to help you with that! Therefor we made a SPECIAL DEAL ( 3 x ALIEN for a special price ) only valid for 14 days. Get yourself ready! 

CONTEST: WIN a AREA51 truffle deal!

We are giving away 2 x a SPECIAL AREA51 deal! Would you like to win this deal?  Leave a comment below where you tell us what your first words would be when you meet an alien friend. ( the most original / funniest comments wins ) Winners will be announced on 1 AUGUST 19, here on the blog
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