Payment Options

There are several ways to pay for your order.
We ship out after payment has been received. 

Please always include your order-number, so we can identify from whom it came. 
We do NOT send paper invoices to your shipping-address; only through email.

1 - Credit Card

For payment with credit cards we’ll have to charge 3.5% extra on top of the order, to cover their fees

2 - Bank Transfer

​An international bank (wire) transfer is quick and easy.

3 - Bitcoin

Most Crypto Currency Possible at checkout.

4 - Cash by Postoffice

You could send us a letter with cash money in it. 
Please send it registered with track&trace, so there’s less chance of it getting lost. The postoffice can register the letter for you.
Its safer to use a bubble wrapped envelope than a normal envelope. Do NOT tell the Postoffice you are sending cash. Tell them you send documents or something.


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