1 - Countries of Destination

2 - Transport Method

3 - Transit Time

4 - Discrete Packaging

1 – Countries of Destination  

We DO ship sealed Truffles and Growkits to most countries in the World !

We do NOT ship to :
​Belarus, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, Turkey  (& some other countries that have armed conflicts, such as Syria).

Select your country To find out more

2 - Transport Methods

This is most common postoffice in the Netherlands. We use them for “Basic” shipping (non-tracked and cheap) and “Track&Trace” shipping shipping (more costly). The truffles fit in a thin cardboard envelope which fits through your letterbox, and is officially a “letter”. You do not have to stay at home to receive truffes that are shipped via Basic shipping. For Track&Trace you have to be at home to receive it. If you’re not there, the mailman/woman will leave a note in your letterbox, saying you can pick up your package at the postoffice.


Superb 1 – 4 days track & trace express courier delivery is possibe to most countries ! You will receive tracking updates in your inbox, and you can call the shipping company if you want to make an appointment at a certain time or place.

It is more secure than Basic shipping. It costs a bit more, but the quality will be even extra excellent. 

For every country we have a different express courier, the best one will be picked by our distribution center.

Growkits will always go via express shipping, to every country we ship to. 
Truffles can go with express to many countries, but not all. 

3 - Transit Time

From our place to yours

Truffles to Europe, via Basic or Track&Trace shipping, usually take less than a week to arrive. Outside Europe it takes longer. 

Growkits (or Truffles) via Express are faster; around 2 days to arrive.

4 - Discrete Packaging

Stealth like a Klingon 

We pack our products in a discrete way 
No mention of our company or our products is mentioned on the outside of the package. 
Only the shipping address you typed in our webshop.

​Anonymous Growkits 

This is how we usually pack growkits

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Anonymous truffles

this is how we usually pack truffles.

No fancy boxes

No matter how much we would like to send these type of colorful boxes, we still decided to keep it simple.. After eating our products the boxes may become more colorful though.


.. not even the mailman will know

.. or the mailwoman of course!


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