Why aren’t my Shrooms working?

Before we start to explain how tolerance affects your psilocybin trips, make sure that you consume your magic truffles on an empty stomach.

A question of tolerance

If you are a seasoned tripper or you have tripped recently, it could be that your tolerance is higher than the dosage you took.

Psilocybin tolerance builds up very quickly. If taking truffles for the second day in a row, for example, the second trip may already be less intense.

Another reason for a less intense trip, could be cross-tolerance of psychedelics. This is a phenomenon that can occur if you use other hallucinogens that contain the same alkaloid in magic truffles: tryptamine. I.e. LSD, Peyote, DMT, etc.. By building tolerance of one, as a result, it may affect your reaction to the other. All of these elements could contribute to why you may not be feeling the effects of magic truffles!

Our thoughts & recommendations on tolerance

So to counteract this we recommend that you wait at least 2 weeks before taking magic truffles. This gives your body and mind the “tolerance” break.

Some people suggest even waiting up to 6 months before you trip on shrooms or magic truffles. It’s because psilocybin brings us to insightful (and sometimes confronting) conclusions about ourselves. Therefore, it’s interesting to integrate what you’ve learned from your trip for the next 6 months. This is called psychedelic integration process. While it may not be related to our tolerance per se, it’s an interesting take on how and why we consumed psychedelics.

Changing the way we look at psychedelic trips

When we take psychedelics, we may be expecting full blown visuals and hallucinations. But sometimes, that is not the case. This doesn’t mean your trip wasn’t worthwhile. What it means that magic truffles and shrooms are not always going to be a full visioned kaleidoscope experience. The effects can be very much informed by your mental state & logic, which varies based on what’s going on in your life.

Some trips are going to be a little more subtle than full rainbows popping out from your carpet. Due to this, as well as considering the breaks you take to manage your tolerance, we also suggest managing your expectations of each of your trips. They are all individual and special even if some are more intense than others.

Trust the psilocybin to give you the trip you need…