Magic Truffles in France

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For our French neighbors, we ship: fresh Magic Truffles,
Psilocybin MicrodosePandora’s Box Truffle kits, and Magic Mushroom Grow kits

Shroom Culture in France

According to a national report in France, hallucinogenic mushrooms are the most consumed psychedelic product in French society. This goes to show that French society is picking up on the benefits of our psychedelic friends. 

Magic mushrooms and magic truffles are low in toxicity and safe for consumption. It goes without saying that like much of Europe, France is picking up on the practice of microdosing magic truffles. 

With an increase in technology and phone screens, microdosing regularly allows you to form sincere connection and mindfulness.  To learn more, click here


We ship magic truffles to France. We make sure that we send discreetly and that the process is as efficient as possible. 

With that said, arrival success is great for magic truffles and magic mushroom grow kits to France. For more info, you can always email us here:

Better than meeting your shroom guy in the streets. Our packages for our magic mushroom grow kits and magic truffles are discreet. Our magic truffles are vacuum sealed, which make them safer from contamination during shipping.   

Plus, we have been a reliable source to France for 15+ years. We offer competitive rates for our magic truffles and magic mushroom grow kits online 🙂 .

We ship magic truffles all over France. It includes all regions, cities, and towns from: Paris, Marseilles, Lyon, Toulouse, Nice, Nantes, Strasbourg, Bordeaux (to name a few).  

Delivery from Wholecelium to France takes about 2-5 working days.       

Wholecelium is based in The Netherlands and we ship all over the EU.

You can purchase ready to eat fresh magic truffles (15 grams), Pandora’s Box magic truffle kit, psilocybin microdose, and mycelium grow kits

The mycelium grow kit means no spores needed, no inoculation, and less chances of contamination or failure. We’ve done all the hard work for you ;-).    


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