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Shroom Culture in the U.S.

According to research, an estimated 32 million Americans have consumed psychedelics in recent past. This is a large number and shows that U.S. shroom & psychedelic culture is continuing to thrive. This is mainly attributed to Terence Mckenna and the counterculture movement…even Steve Jobs has publicly shared his experiences with psychedelics! 


Today, shroom culture in the U.S. is sparking a positive dialogue about magic shrooms. You can hear references about psilocybin in pop culture or hear about microdosing magic shrooms and other psychedelics in Silicon Valley as a more creative & safer replacement to pharma drugs. Most importantly, Denver AND Oakland have recently decriminalized psilocybin!


In many ways, the decriminalization blazes a worldwide conversation on the acceptance of psilocybin and whether other countries/cities will follow. Experts believe that medical use of psilocybin will be approved by the FDA in +/- 5 years. This is good news for our American friends!  


Yes, you can order magic truffles from our shop and we ship to US. We have great shipping success to US, if you would like to receive more information it is best to email us here:

We recommend that you also research your local laws in your region (in order to understand your local customs regulations) before ordering at our shop. For more information, learn here 

Better than meeting your shroom guy in the streets. We send out our packages for our magic shroom grow kits and magic truffle kits discreet.

The magic truffles and psilocybin microdose strips are vacuum sealed, which make them safer from contamination during delivery .

We deliver nationwide! Everything in between New York City, Chicago, Austin, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, Las Vegas, Denver, and Oakland. 

Make sure to inform yourselves of the magic truffles you have purchased and its strength. The strongest magic truffles offered here are Maakali (handle with care). Our mild ones are Mexicana (good for beginners and mild trippers). If you’re still in doubt, you can contact our customer service, where we provide you with more specific answers to your questions. 

Delivery from Wholecelium to the U.S. takes about 5 days up to 14 days. 

Wholecelium is based in The Netherlands and ship worldwide.


You can purchase ready to eat portioned magic truffles (15 grams) & psilocybin microdose.

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