What is a Magic Mushroom Grow kit?

Looking like a lunch-box that was left a little too long in the back of a fridge the sight of a magic mushroom grow-kit can be strange at first.

However, housed within this tiny world of it’s own is all you need to produce your own special kinda fungi at home. A magic mushroom grow-kit, usually housed in a plastic tub, contains two parts at first, the mycelium and the substrate with the former living off and in the latter.

With grow-kits, the difficult spore-related part of raising a magical fungus has already been taken care of and once you have one back at home the little fella only really needs a bit of fresh air, water and a nice place to sit to start yielding mushroom caps.

It’s a large part of why they are so popular as with just a little bit of time and patience you’ll have yourself some beautiful shrooms within two to three weeks with minimal effort.