Washington D.C. may be decriminalizing magic mushrooms and psychedelic plants.

D.C. proposes decriminalization for magic mushrooms and psychedelic plants. Learn more about the road to decriminalizing in the U.S.

Washington D.C. brought the conversation on decriminalizing natural psychedelics, like magic mushroom and truffles. If the D.C. Board of Elections chooses to move forward, local residents can vote in November. Which means the legal status of natural psychedelics will change. D.C. can potentially add itself into the list of other cities who’ve decriminalized magic mushrooms and truffles the past year. But, the measure has two obstacles to overcome:

  1. Firstly, it must pass through a ‘challenge period’ where the proposal will be debated.
  2. Then, key figures leading this must collect a certain amount of signatures from supporters. This will lead the measure in the November ballots.

Growers and distributors could become lowest priority.

But, the decision to advance the ballot was after the Board of Elections heard a positive testimonial on psychedelic mushrooms. Under the proposal, individuals who grow or distribute psychedelics would be ranked “among the lowest law enforcement priorities.” Psychedelics applicable would be plants and fungi that contain certain compounds, like magic mushrooms, magic truffles mescaline, or ayahuasca.

Recently, there’s been more research taking place on the effects and benefits of psychedelic compounds. With psilocybin, more and more institutions across the world are waking up and realizing how powerful it can be in treating conditions such as anxiety or depression.

It’s in the hands of D.C.

With that said, it isn’t surprising to see many advocates for psychedelic medicine. The testimonial that took place before the Board of Elections only saw people testify in favor of it, and not one person testified against it. From then on, any opponents have 10 days to challenge this proposal. Then, advocates will have exactly 180 days to gather 25,000 signatures, in order to have the measure placed on the November ballot. Even if the measure makes it through both obstacles, the D.C. Council can overturn the measure at any point.

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