Texas Proposes to Study Psilocybin for Veteran PTSD

Texas loves its veterans. 

So it’s no surprise that Texas State Rep. Alex Dominguez is pushing for a bill to help them with the after affects of their service. Excitingly, said bill aims to introduce a new treatment for veterans’ PTSD — using psilocybin, the psychoactive compound in shrooms and magic truffles. Codenamed House Bill 1802, it would allow Texas to do clinical trials for psilocybin therapy. If it passes in the Senate, of course…

Research has shown that psychedelics could treat mental conditions very effectively. Such as for traumatic brain injury, for instance or treatment resistant depression. Up until now, there’s been no high-level chatter on granting access to shrooms for veterans. After all, the ‘War on Drugs’ still persists to this day… Especially in a conservative state like Texas!

So what changed their minds?

Not all wounds are visible

Artwork by Jens Mohr. (Creative Commons)

“It [PTSD] affects a pretty sizable number of us, but the good news is it’s very treatable.”

Those were the words of Retired Colonel Jeffery Yarvis, associate professor at Texas A&M and a veteran himself. He suffers from PTSD, and hopes that this bill could help the thousands like him — especially those who so far have suffered in silence.

“To raise attention to the fact that veterans do struggle with this. There are a number of evidence-based treatments that work, and I applaud Texas for thinking outside the box.”

PTSD, or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, is often called an “invisible” disease, causing some to downplay its pain. Unfortunately, a surprising number of civilians don’t get why vets still jump at the sound of firecrackers, or struggle to sleep at night… Even decades after their last tour! 

Shrooms Against PTSD

There are programs in Texas to help combat PTSD in veterans, such as free counseling and temporary housing. But a lot of the time, these measures come short. Big Pharma meds often do not work.

Fortunately, new research has shown that magic mushrooms and truffles can help those who suffer from PTSD. Science may have stumbled upon the psychedelic prairie, but it’s up to Texas cowboys to legalise it. 

If the bill passes, Texas Health and Human Services will hold their own trial for psilocybin. Other partners will include: a health and sciences university, and a hospital for Veteran Affairs (both to be chosen at a later date).

A Newfound Ally

Luckily for State Rep. Dominguez who wrote the bill, he’s got a powerful new ally by his side. No less than former Texas Governor Rick Perry himself, who’s become pretty vocal about shrooms for PTSD:

“I’m a great example of a fairly conservative elected official who is against drugs in any form. 

“Back in 2013, I had a mother come in and visit with me about the medical use of marijuana. I was against that. But she came in, and she showed me where her young son could… get over these epileptic seizures by the use of this compound that was overseen medically, appropriately dosed.

“And that’s what we’re talking about here with this compound of psilocybin in a clinical trial environment.”

Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry once described himself as “historically been a very anti-drug person”. Now he wants veterans to have access to magic mushrooms, to help treat PTSD. (Photo: Creative Commons)

Heroes in Crisis

In a press conference, State Rep. Dominguez defended the use of psilocybin for PTSD — especially in the midst of a worsening mental health crisis in America:

“We watch and learned as states across the country – and nations around the world – are studying these compounds and finding medical applications for them. It’s time for Texas to join the fight.

“With the mental health epidemic growing in every segment of American society, it’s clear that current solutions are not succeeding. New approaches are desperately needed for all people suffering from stress… but especially for veterans.

“We must pursue every possible treatment for these issues.”


What makes this bill an URGENT issue is the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan — coming up soon on September 11, 2021. Yes, it will mark 20 years since the 9/11 attacks. But it will also bring home 2,500 soldiers fresh from the war zone.

U.S. President Joe Biden has ordered a full withdrawal of troops by 11 September 2021. Thousands of soldiers are expected to come home — for good. (Photo: Creative Commons)

An estimated 22 veterans commit suicide each day in America, often due to PTSD and traumatic brain injury. That’s 1 veteran every 65 minutes. According to Department of Veterans Affairs, soldiers are more likely to get PTSD if they had:

  • Spend longer times at war
  • Lower level of education
  • More severe combat conditions
  • Seen other soldiers around them killed
  • Brain/head trauma
  • Female gender
  • Life lasting physical injuries
  • Military structure (family of soldiers)

“Texas will lead the way”

Psilocybin is the next step towards helping these soldiers recover from PTSD — and get used to civilian life once and for all. Marcus Capone, a U.S. Navy Seal, was diagnosed with PTSD and traumatic brain injury after 13 years of exposure to blast waves. Capone left the U.S. to be treated with psilocybin, along with a West African psychedelic, ibogaine. The results? Simply astounding.

“After so many failed treatments, I felt that I had nothing to lose at that point. But when my treatment was a complete success, I knew we had to pay this forward to other combat veterans.

Psychedelic therapy is the next major breakthrough in mental healthcare. With too many veteran suicides per day, no one needs, or deserves this intervention more than our nation’s veterans. 

“And Texas will lead the way.”

Psilocybin can save lives

As of May 5, 2021, HB 1802 has passed Stage 2 of the legalisation effort. But it still needs the House to say YES before it gets voted on in the Senate — and gets signed as a law. If the Bill passes, Texas will soon follow other states such as Washington, D.C. (which decriminalised psychedelics) and Oregon (which legalised shrooms entirely). 

Former Texas Gov. Perry said it best:

“With the right medical oversight, the right diagnosis, the right dosing… These compounds are different [from any] other compound that we would have in our arsenal. If you will use it properly, it can save lives.”

Still not convinced? Why not try magic mushrooms and truffles for yourself. You don’t have to suffer from PTSD, or any serious mental condition, to fully enjoy the benefits of psilocybin. Go on a full-on trip to Never-Neverland. Or you can also enjoy a truffle microdose, for a subtle kick to your workday…

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