Mushrooms. They just appear don’t they? Sprouting from the damp autumn ground, or your newly purchased grow kit. So convenient, so easy — whether psychedelic or simply delicious,  they’re always on hand to make life a bit more groovy.

This is why we celebrate 9/20. That’s the International Magic Mushroom Day. Like 4/20 for marijuana devotees, but for our fungi friends. It’s a time to celebrate their psychedelic properties during their natural growing season (autumn/ fall), but also a call to action for the legalaisation of their usage, growth and possession. It is a time to appreciate and educate.

But, have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes for our fungi friends? The mushrooms themselves, rather than policy? How they make it into our sweaty, excited palms? 

Well, we’re about to take you on a journey… a trip if you will. 

It’s Shroomtember…

It’s Shroomtember, when the veil between the human world and the mushroom world is at its thinnest. Our fungi cousins seem to be muttering ‘pppsssst — hey buddy! Look down!’ 

You look down.

The little tawny-capped shroom is beckoning you towards it.

Rubbing your eyes in disbelief, you lean in…

Suddenly you are tumbling, tumbling down!

And then… you ARE the shroom. You peek up at the dappled light between the trees, your smooth damp stem firm in the mulchy ground. Your mushroom compatriots wink at you in greeting. You are full of shroomtastic knowledge. You know things… things like:

You Were Once A Tiny Spore

You were once a tiny spore floating in the breeze. Released from the gills of your Mama’s cap you rode a gust along with thousands of your siblings, before coming to rest on a peachy mound of cow dung. But funnily enough it doesn’t give you the ‘ick’. Infact you’re pleased as punch. You see, you are a Psilocybe cubensis and you love cow dung — its low acidity is the perfect substrate to plant yourself in and grow big and strong. You’d also take some nutrient rich soil, as long as there is high humidity and low wind. 

Lovely, cosy cow pat

As soon as you nestled down in that cosy poop pile, you were ready to start germinating!

Oh Hey Hyphae

Deep in your cowpat den you met another little spore, so you made what’s called a ‘hyphae’. They are long tendrilly fibres which sprout from spores, and grow into the beginnings of mycelium. The mycelium digests nutrients in the soil, making a web-like food source for your present and future self. The stringy hyphae have ‘genders’. Rocketing through the undergrowth, they are on the search for a mate. If they meet a compatible hyphae of the opposite gender they bind together, creating a cell with two nuclei. Yep, thats what you did. Freaky.

But, you’re charitable as well as freaky. Your mycelium network helps support the entire surrounding ecosystem. You balance the nutrients in the soil. In fact 92% of plants have a relationship with you, and in return they give you a boost too. Popular and fun-guy!

Once you got all settled in your network and feasted on soily nutrients, you created something amazing. A hyphael knot. Thats a baby mushroom to you and me!

Baby Love

So then you were a baby shroom (also known as a primordium). As you began to emerge from the subterranean mycelium you became whats called a pinhead. Finally, you were above ground, feeling the air on your fungi face. Only a few primorida get this far! You did well — a chosen one. 

Through The Eyes Of The Shroom 

You stop reminiscing. Your eyes flick open. You are a fabulous fruiting body. All of the nutrients and energy you stored below ground have been funneled directly into growing you, and you feel the power. And you are more powerful than most mushrooms, because you are a psilocybin mushroom. Your psychoactive compounds buzz and fizz inside you from cap to stem. You actually evolved these compounds to deter insects from eating you — I guess bugs don’t like to trip! But, other creatures do.

Release the spores!

Your crowning glory, your golden cap, begins to release spores. These little spores — one of which you so recently were — float in the air and are quickly swept away by a gentle breeze. They grow up so fast! Feeling nostalgic and proud that you have continued the ancient and majestic life cycle of the mushroom, you barely notice that a few humans in anoraks and walking boots are standing above you, peering down excitedly. 

You’ve Been Foraged!

“Yes! It’s a cubensis —note the golden cap.”

A lady reaches down and gives you a pinch. Owch! You bruise bluey-purple. The watchers are satisfied “…high psilocybin content causes this bruising”, they mutter knowledgeably.

Gently, with a twisting motion, the lady plucks you from the ground! You are placed in a basket with other freshly harvested shrooms. Nervous, but excited, you await the last stage of your journey, one that not all mushrooms, and not even all psilocybin mushrooms get to experience. You will be the magic that gives a human (or sometimes a sheep!) the experience of a life time. 

Once ingested you will send the mind and soul of a lucky person into the cosmos. You could aid someone who is suffering from depression or addiction issues. You might cause someone to transcend their ego, and become a whole new person. It’s your quest to bring insight to you fellow earthly creatures. You bring big fat giggles, and wiggly walls.

The Trip Ends

Hey! That was weird. You drifted off for a second. 

It is 9/20 after all. That’s the international day for magic mushrooms. Like 4/20 for marijuana devotees, but for our fungi friends. It’s a time to celebrate their psychedelic properties during their natural growing season (autumn/ fall), but also a call to action for the legalaisation of their usage, growing and possession. 

So, shall we pick that shroom you’ve been staring at? The mycologist says it’s ok, and it is Shroomtember…

Happy 9/20!

Here at Wholecelium we will be celebrating 9/20 in style, with a psychedelic trip courtesy of either one of our magic mushroom grow kits or our fresh magic truffles. While everyday is a Shroomday for us, 9/20 is especially special. Whether it’s your first trip, or you’ve been doing it for years, we ask you to raise a psychedelic fungi to your lips with us! For more info you can check out our Tripping Guide.

Happy 9/20 everyone!