At face value, magic mushrooms and magic truffles appear to be quite different. Not only do they look very distinct from each other, culturally, magic mushrooms are far more well known. They are the ‘famous’ fungi, shall we say. But when it actually comes down to it, how different are they? And, most importantly — are they both able to provide you with the psychedelic experience you seek — be that microdosing, giggling your head off, or blasting off into the cosmic unknown?

What’s the Difference Between Magic Mushrooms and Truffles?

Well here’s your answer. Basically, while some fundamental differences do exist, magic mushrooms and magic truffles are actually very similar. They’re part of the same fungi for a start! Imagine if you will,  twins separated at birth; but one grows up above ground, and the other grows up underground — sure they’ve got their differences — but crucially they are still related. (A good, if slightly troubling, movie premise too!)

shrooma with mycelium and magic truffles

Parent Trap rip-offs aside however, what we are trying to say is that although they appear different, at their core both magic mushrooms and magic truffles are full of psilocybin, and very effective at getting you high. 

The Physical Differences Between Psilocybin Mushrooms and Psilocybin Truffles

Physically, magic mushrooms are pretty self-explanatory. They are mushroom-shaped and grow above the ground. When we think of a mushroom it is this we envisage. However, this is just the fruiting-body of the fungus that helps the whole organism reproduce — rather like blossoms on a tree. It’s the bit we remember, but it’s definitely not the whole tree!

psilocybe cubensis on spiral background

Magic truffles are not really ‘truffles’ at all, they are sclerotia. They are the lumpy, clumpy portion of the mushroom that grows underground, acting like a subterranean food source. When times get tough for fungi, it is these sclerotia that keep it going through famine, flood, and frost. 

magic truffles on spiral background

So although these differing parts may represent the public and private faces of fungi, the same ‘blood’ runs in their shroomy veins. And that blood is psilocybin. This means that despite their surface level differences, psilocybin mushrooms and truffles have pretty much the same effects

Harvesting Magic Mushrooms vs. Harvesting Magic Truffles

The physical differences between psilocybin mushrooms and psilocybin truffles start at the growth stage. Each must be harvested differently, as they grow in different places. Mushrooms are pretty simple to harvest by hand (as they grow above ground), whether you are foraging in the wild, or using a handy magic mushroom grow kit. 

Truffles however, which grow below ground, must be dug up. The most popular way for people to consume magic truffles however, is ready-grown and vacuum packed. Magic truffles are much hardier than mushrooms meaning they can easily be transported this way. Truffles have a significantly lower water content than mushrooms, meaning that they are easier to dry for longevity and potency. However the method of drying and storing for magic mushrooms and truffles remains the same. Mushrooms can grow to pretty large sizes, while truffles stay relatively small and uniform. 

hand holding a psilocybin truffle

Is There a Difference in Strength and Potency Between Psychedelic Mushrooms and Truffles?

The common refrain is that magic truffles are slightly less potent than their mushroom counterparts. However, this is not actually the case. It is true that magic truffles can have a lower concentration of psilocybin, meaning that you have to consume a higher volume of them to get the same results as you would with mushrooms. However, with an understanding of doses you can achieve the same psychedelic effect across the board, as both parts of the fungus contain the psychoactive compounds psilocybin, psilocin and baeocystin

Another reason that people relatively new to psychedelics might feel that truffles are less potent than mushrooms is that there are differences in the ways in which magic mushrooms and magic truffles are packaged and consumed. As they are generally bought pre-packaged, magic truffles are more carefully weighed and portioned, as well as just being more consistent in terms of potency. With magic mushrooms, the potency between fruiting bodies can vary wildly, even occasionally between the cap and stem of the same mushroom. This means that whether purposefully or not magic truffle users may be consuming their psychedelic gems that bit more responsibly. 

person with brain glowing

Working Out Dosage for Magic Truffles vs. Magic Mushrooms

Another reason that the myth that magic truffles are less potent than magic mushrooms proliferates may just be down to people getting their dosages incorrect. It is true that you have to consume a significantly higher weight of magic truffles to achieve the same effect as dried magic mushrooms. Here is our magic mushroom and truffle dosage chart for reference:

magic mushroom and magic truffle dosage chart

Ways to Consume Magic Truffles and Magic Mushrooms

So you see, the same strength of trip is possible with both magic mushrooms and truffles. You just have to get your dose correct. Understandably, some people don’t want to munch 15g+ of fresh magic truffles to achieve a more intense trip. For a start — that’s a lot of chewing! Although some people don’t mind this at all, there are some people for whom it becomes a bit of a roadblock to starting their psychedelic journey. Luckily, there are other ways to consume both magic truffles and mushrooms to make the whole thing that much more efficient (and tasty). 

Make Shroom Tea:

Making tea with either magic mushrooms or truffles is super easy. It also is the preferred way for those who dislike the taste or experience nausea when consuming either. Rather than having to eat 15g of magic truffles you can simply chop them into small pieces and leave them to steep in hot (not boiling) water. You can add any flavorings of your choosing, and then simply drink the mixture down. Check out our full Shroom Tea guide here.

Make Lemon Tek:


Here’s the technique for those who want the most bang for their buck. Lemon Tek is the preserve of those psychonauts who want a stronger, quicker, more intense trip. It is also ideal for those who want to bypass eating large amounts of magic truffles while still getting stronger effects. Simply chop up your truffles or shrooms and steep them in lemon juice for 30 minutes. After that, drink it down, and prepare to blast off — whether you chose mushrooms or truffles as your fuel. Check out our Step-By-Step Lemon Tek Guide here. 

Psychedelic Mushroom and Psychedelic Truffle Safety

Psychedelics tend to be consumed more mindfully than other drugs. However, as with all psychedelics, bad trips can occasionally occur whether you are consuming magic mushrooms or magic truffles. This is where knowing your desired dose for the different forms of psilocybin becomes crucial. Perhaps it is possible to theorize that challenging experiences are less likely with truffles than mushrooms, as mushroom potency can be less reliable. However, when taken sensibly this is probably negligible. 

As always being prepared before a psychedelic trip is key whether you take magic mushrooms or truffles. Organizing your ‘set and setting’, as well as having an idea what to expect, or an intention for your trip can set you off on the right foot. 

Magic Mushroom and Magic Truffle Legality

In certain parts of the world, such as the Netherlands, psilocybin truffles are legal. They can be purchased in stores or online and received through the mail. From countries in which they are legal, they are sent all over the world, and arrive ready to consume with clear labeling and instructions. This means that for those looking for a more immediate psychedelic experience truffles are preferable. 

Magic mushroom grow kits can be bought online, as well as mushroom spores, for use with the PF Tek method. Although a great way to get your hands on some precious magic mushrooms, grow kits take longer to provide you with your psilocybin delights, between 10-20 days as a matter of fact (still a very short wait!) However, in the long run, it’s down to which you prefer, as both are easily and efficiently accessible.

shrooma the mushroom shopping for magic truffles

Regardless of whether you choose magic mushrooms or truffles for your psychedelic journey, your trip should begin with a euphoric and intense come-up, transitioning into visual hallucinations and feelings of togetherness and connection with the world. You can expect a deep and introspective experience, whichever you choose, as long as you get your dosage right. Afterwards you will feel a warm and comforting afterglow — the trademark magic of psilocybin.