As the use of psychedelics (most notably magic mushrooms) is becoming both more acceptable and more widespread, many are feeling empowered to work them into all aspects of their lifestyle. This has meant experimentation, and the Goldilocks of the world have found the dose that is just right. While ‘macrodosing’ and exploring the full spectrum of psychedelia — from ego death, to melting walls, to spiritual insight — will always be popular, and important for the psychedelically inclined, it is perhaps less of a regular, and much less a ‘social’ occurrence — at least for most people. 

Are Magic Mushrooms the New After-Work-Drinks?

‘Last week I went to the pub, and instead of drinking, I took two grams of magic truffles. I had the best time! I was really engaged in conversations and I just felt good!’

Photo by Victor Clime on Unsplash

Picture the scene, it’s Friday night, and everyone is already mentally checked out of work, and ready for the weekend. You might expect to see beers being sunk and cocktails sipped — maybe even a cheeky round of ‘shots, shots, shots!’ However, for many people, getting your buzz from booze has become increasingly passe. Magic mushrooms are emerging as the tipple of choice for those wanting to glide into the weekend — minus the hangover. 

Putting new meaning into the phrase ‘happy hour’, many people are eschewing the booze for psilocybin. Although drinking can be fun (when done responsibly) it is actually decreasing in popularity with younger people — especially the Gen Z crowd. However, they still want to have fun with their friends. This is where shrooms come in. A low dose of magic mushrooms or truffles makes the world funnier, softer, and brighter. Many people report it simply enhances the night, makes you feel more open and warm — yet in control — unlike drinking. 

Don’t Chase the Buzz, Be the Buzz

With drinking, one is always chasing the buzz. We’ve all felt the feeling — that you had one (or two, or three!) too many. Psilocybin makes you feel good. You are the buzz, not the chaser. For the sober-curious among us, this is key. There is intention when taking shrooms, and they empower you to be in the moment rather than seeking that boozy ‘high’. There is also a growing amount of research showing that psilocybin can actually treat addictions; from drinking, to smoking, even to gambling. So whaddya know? Shrooms could be your replacement for drinking, that actively helps you to stop drinking! 

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez 🇨🇦 on Unsplash

Psilocybin Enhances Our Lifestyle Rather Than Hindering It

And, even if you’re not in the market to quit alcohol, psilocybin makes a refreshing change once in a while. For a start — there’s no hangover, no groggy feeling. If anything you feel better the next day, as the famed mushroom afterglow works its magic. Team that with the anti-inflammatory, neuroplasticity promoting, non-toxic qualities of shrooms and you’ve got yourself a cocktail to really toast to your good health with. Additionally, for those who like to keep their diet on the healthy side  — psilocybin won’t trigger the wild kebab-eating-mania of drinking, nor the cookie-guzzling-munchies of a joint.

Clearly, the social dose of shrooms is becoming popular because it fits in with our lifestyles, rather than compromising them; alerting us to the color and sparkles in the world without the doom and gloom of a comedown the next day. 

How To Find Your Perfect ‘Social Dose’

However, although the social dose of shrooms may make you feel free and easy, working out your perfect sweet spot might take a few tries. Everyone is different in terms of tolerance and body physiology. Our recommendation for those who’ve never ‘social-dosed’ before? Start with your usual microdose and work your way up slowly.

If you usually microdose on 1g of magic truffle, try 2 or 3g*. Keep the day free however; a low dose of shrooms can make a person rather giggly, which is perhaps not great for work or studying. If this dose feels right, great! If not, decrease or increase slightly. Once you have a feeling for your dose, ask to meet up with a close friend an hour or so after you’ve taken it. This will give you a good idea whether you feel sociable and at ease around people on this dose. 

*Adjust accordingly if you are using dried mushrooms or fresh mushrooms using our dosage chart.

A Social Revolution

Ultimately, the perfect social dose for you will take a little bit of time to work out. It is also true that some people never feel social when on a noticeable dose of shrooms — it just gets them feeling a bit too introspective. But for many people this new way of socializing is revolutionary. 

In therapeutic settings, psilocybin is able to help people get to the root of their problems and confront them, rather than numbing them like traditional pharmaceutical drugs. 
In a social setting it seems that psilocybin has similar powers in terms of ‘opening up’ the user. Feeling more relaxed, you are able to be your authentic self, engaging with people without anxiety and really hearing them. Alcohol tends to act as a mask, both amplifying and numbing our emotions, so it is hard to know how we really feel.

The reputation of magic mushrooms has come full circle. From its usage in ancient Indigenous communities as a tool of ceremony and and healing, to its nadir as a ‘big-bad’ during the latter half of the 20th century, to its new role. A role as a social connector and brightener, freeing us from the crutch of substances that harm us and cause sickness. Mushrooms have reclaimed their ancient position as healers — not to mention bringers of the vibe. So, social dosing — try it. You’ll have everyone exclaiming ‘what a fungi!’ 😜