Product Details

Weight 0.015 kg
Harvest / Yield 15 Gram
Strength & Visuals 55 out of 100
Size 7 x 5 x 1 Centimeter
Stock Temperature 4 Celsius
Shelf Life 2 Months (unopened) / 2 Weeks (opened)
Strain Psylocybe Cubensis

Psilocybe MEXICANA


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MEXICANA magic truffles

It is probably one of the most well known magic truffles out there; this truffle strain grows in the rainforest of Mexico, and has also been found in other countries like Guatamala. In 1958 this species was discovered by mycologist R. Gordon. These magic truffles are also sometimes known as ‘Philosophers Stones’. Some people may find the other truffle species a bit overwhelming. If you simply want to have a good time; this is the way to stay in both everyday and psilospace realities at the same time.

  • Trip: This trip is mild and could be a perfect experience for the beginner; for unexperienced trippers. Great laughs, euphoric feelings and a cheerful mood will fill your body.
  • Dosage: MEXICAN is a perfect magic truffle for the beginner, a person who is just entering the new magical world 15 grams: Great warm body high, sharpened perception and overall a happy mood.

All sorts of background information can be found in our WIKI > Manuals

Product Details

Weight 0.015 kg
Harvest / Yield 15 Gram
Strength & Visuals 55 out of 100
Size 7 x 5 x 1 Centimeter
Stock Temperature 4 Celsius
Shelf Life 2 Months (unopened) / 2 Weeks (opened)
Strain Psylocybe Cubensis

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Psilocybe MEXICANA information

Want to experience the archetypal magic mushroom trip? The one that the ancient Aztecs used to connect with their gods? The one that was first brought to the attention of the wider world in 1957, sparking a wave of fascination? The one beloved and cultivated by psychedelic heroes like Terence McKenna? Well then the psilocybe Mexicana is for you! You will feel waves of euphoria, spirituality, and visual hallucinations with this iconic magic truffle. 

A psilocybe Mexicana is a magic truffle. It is not the same as a culinary truffle. A magic truffle is a scelerotia — the underground food reserves of a fungus, a hardened mass of mycelium. As the psilocybe Mexicana is the sclerotia of a psilocybin mushroom, it contains all the same psychedelic properties as one. It’s basically a magic mushroom growing under the ground!

In terms of fungal family tree the psilocybe Mexicana is a close cousin of the slightly stronger psilocybes Pajaritos and Atlantis. The ‘strength’ of a magic truffle is based on the percentages of psilocybin, psilocin and baeocystin it contains. These essential three are the psychedelic compounds that make you trip. Without them, your mushrooms wouldn’t be magic.

The psilocybe Mexicana is the best magic truffle for beginners. This is because it gives a full psychoactive experience while being gentle on the body and mind. You will feel all the effects of a classic psychedelic trip without being overwhelmed. 

The psilocybe Mexicana will give you all you ever wanted from a psychedelic trip, and more. There’s many reasons this psilocybe has been used by humans for over 2,000 years — warm body highs, philosophical thoughts, spiritual insights, and trippy visuals! Although this is the mildest psilocybin truffle we stock, you will still achieve a full psychedelic experience, so it is perfect for beginners. We rate it at 55/100 in terms of strength and potency. If you find other psychedelics overwhelming, and simply want to have a good time, this is the magic truffle for you.  

The Mexicana magic truffle is mild, but your dosage can also affect this. The dosages we recommend are: 

  • For the beginner we advise 5g of fresh Mexicana magic truffles. 
  • For the more experienced we advise 10g of fresh Mexicana magic truffles.
  • For the expert we recommend 15g+ of fresh Mexicana magic truffles.

You can either chew your fresh magic truffles, or make a tea by infusing them in hot (not boiling) water and drinking it.

Within 15 to 30 minutes you will begin to feel the effects of your magic truffles. Waves of euphoria and the urge to laugh will overcome you. You will begin to see cool visual effects and experience heightened senses. Your trip has begun…

The effects of your magic truffles will last between 3 and 6 hours. 

For more info please refer to our manual the Magic Truffle Guide!

The psilocybe Mexicana has a rich history. Its usage dates back to at least 2,000 years ago by the indigenous tribes of North and Central America who used it to connect to celestial entities and perform spiritual rites. The Aztecs named it ‘teotlnanácatl’ or ‘flesh of the gods’, reflecting its sacred importance.

The psilocybe Mexicana was the magic mushroom that Valentina Pavlovna Wasson and her husband Roger Gordon Wasson collected during a two year trip around Mexico (1953-1955) during which they took part in magic mushroom ceremonies themselves. They sent the samples of Mexicana they collected to the French mycologist Roger Heim, who went on to cultivate it under lab conditions. 

These samples were then sent to Swiss chemist, and father of LSD, Albert Hofmann. After he experienced the magic of shrooms for himself, he became the first person to identify and extract psilocybin and psilocin.

Today the psilocybe Mexicana is not only one of the most popular psychedelic fungi, but also one of the most popular psychedelic substances, period. 

If you like this magic truffle we have plenty more for you to explore!

  • For a trip a little stronger but still appropriate for a beginner, the psilocybe Pajaritos is ideal. It is easy going, gives waves of happiness, and even works in social situations!
  • For a stronger trip we recommend the psilocybe Atlantis, a close cousin of the Mexicana but more potent. It will send you into a dreamy psychedelic kingdom. 

If you have any more questions about our trippy psilocybe Mexicana magic truffle, please go to our FAQ section for all the answers and more!

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