Product Details

Weight 0.015 kg
Harvest / Yield 6 x 1 Gram = 6 Gram
Strength & Visuals subtle creative elevation
Size 12 x 8 x 0.5 Centimeter
Stock Temperature 4 Celsius
Shelf Life 3 Months (unopened)

MICRODOSING ‘XP’ Psilocybin – strip


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Microdosing XP

6 microdoses of 1 gram Psilocybin Truffles, on  a strip.

this will not bring you into a deep psychedelic trip, but will enhance creativity & mood.

your senses will be rebooted

  • we recommend to use 1 gram every 3rd day, before noon.
    taking it too often will give less results.
  • Psilocybin Microdose is more reliable and balanced substance than the dosage of psilocybin pills.

All sorts of background information can be found on psilocybin in our WIKI – Manuals

Product Details

Weight 0.015 kg
Harvest / Yield 6 x 1 Gram = 6 Gram
Strength & Visuals subtle creative elevation
Size 12 x 8 x 0.5 Centimeter
Stock Temperature 4 Celsius
Shelf Life 3 Months (unopened)

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MICRODOSING ‘XP’ Psilocybin – strip information

Want to be part of the wellness revolution? Heard all the buzz about microdosing and want to get in on the act? Luckily for you, you can get everything you need to start microdosing today with our psilocybin truffle microdose strips. Our microdose strips contain pre-portioned 1g magic truffle microdoses.

Microdosing means taking a very low (sub-threshold) dosage of a psychedelic, such as psilocybin, from magic mushrooms and truffles. Despite producing no hallucinogenic effects, (so microdosing on a work day is A-OK) those who practice microdosing report a wide range of positive health benefits. Scientific research has recently verified psychedelics as a highly effective tool for treating depression and other mental health complaints. 

A magic (or psilocybin) truffle is not actually a truffle. It is a scelerotia — the underground food reserves of a fungus, a hardened mass of mycelium. As magic truffles are the sclerotia of a psilocybin mushroom, it contains all the same psychedelic properties as one. 

Our microdose strips contain 6 x 1g portions of magic truffles. These are securely vacuum-packed — cut as close to the portion as you can to avoid exposing the other magic truffles to air. The package also contains a microdosing instruction card. 

The effects and experience of your microdose can include:

  • An increase in creativity, alertness and focus
  • More energy and enthusiasm 
  • A greater awareness and connection to one’s surroundings
  • More open and appreciative to social settings and forming relationships

We recommend that you wash down your microdose with water. Just like a pill! This means that the psilocybin magic is slowly released throughout the day, creating sustained effect. Because of this we also recommend taking on a full stomach, i.e. just after breakfast. This also prevents steep come-ups / come-downs as well as reducing nausea if you are prone to it.  

So basically: Get up. Eat Breakfast. Swallow 1 portion (1g of magic truffles) of Microdosing XP with water. Start your day. 

Finding your sweet spot for microdosing is key. If you want to start slowly we recommend trying half a portion (0.5g) and noting down how you feel. Then you can either raise or lower your dose according to what works for you.  

Check out our Microdose Manual for the complete guide!

If you like our magic truffle microdose, why not try our Microdose Combo pack? 


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Impressed! Package arrived in just 4 weeks, even though I’m in Europe, but (outside European Union). Great service!