How to make Psychedelic Shamrock Shakes For St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner! Leading up to this celebration, we decided to make Shamrock Shakes with… you guessed it: fresh magic truffles.

This mint shake by Wholecelium was inspired by McDonald’s Shamrock Shake and the Magic Mushroom Milk from The Psilocybin Chef Cookbook by Virginia Haze & Dr. K. Mandrake. Together, these two elite drinks join forces to create the ultimate St. Patty’s experience – minty, fresh, and trippy. And if we had to be honest, it’s one of our favourite drinks that we’ve made to date ?.


Before making a Shamrock Shake with Psilocybin:

Firstly, to make this psychedelic Shamrock Shake happen, we encourage you to do a little homework about St. Patrick’s Day’s intriguing history. 

Plot twist: The origins of St. Patrick’s Day isn’t the same vibe to how we associate this joyous festivity. It wasn’t always about drinking Guinness beers all day. But apart from this, Ireland has always had a deep psychedelic history, running through their ancient Celtic mythologies. 

Secondly, we’ll be revisiting a recipe we wrote about: Magic Mushroom Milk. Without this milk, this Shamrock Shake won’t be psychedelic. So read up! There, you can have a more in-depth resource on what this psilocybin extract really is about. And also, it may clear up some questions for the skeptical readers who don’t believe in making any treats with their mushrooms (many psychonauts don’t play with their food). But this extract was our favourite psychedelic drink up until the moment we tried this green Irish shake goodness.

Magic Mushroom Milk Recipe Tips:

A quick recap and some new tips we stumbled upon.

Since we’re using fresh magic truffles, we need to get it as fine like a powder, which we know won’t be perfect. After all, fresh magic truffles are water based compared to dried shrooms. What helped us for this recipe, and saved us time was to roughly chop your magic truffles, then add it into a blender for a few seconds. You don’t want your magic truffles turning too mush through the blender, but not have it too roughly cut up. It’s all about the right consistency.

Here’s another little twist: our original magic mushroom milk recipe called for 15 grams of Druid truffles infused in 500 ml of milk for 2 people. But, for this St. Patrick’s Day, we’re using 30 grams of Qubit truffles infused in 240 ml of milk for 2 people. Though, any of our magic truffles are suitable, btw. So buckle up kids, we’re going on a green shroom adventure this St. Patrick’s Day.

What do you need for this Psychedelic Shamrock Shake?

To get started on making your first psychedelic Shamrock Shake for St. Patrick’s Day, you will need:

240ml (1 cup) of our Magic Mushroom Milk already infused with 30 grams of fresh Qubit truffles.
Note: our original magic mushroom milk article called for 500ml milk infused with 15 grams Druid. In this recipe, we recommend 240ml milk infused with 30 grams of fresh Qubit truffles. Also this time around, we used Vanilla soy milk.

The “hard part” is done; you made your milk extract. Now all you need to do is gather the rest of your ingredients.

475ml (or 1 small tub) of your favourite ice cream. (No one said this was going to be healthy. In our case, we went all out and got birthday cake ice cream)

1/2 teaspoon of peppermint extract

1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract

A couple dashes of green extract (to make it minty and pretty)

Whipped cream and sprinkles for serving

The only step left? Blending your ingredients into a psychedelic St. Patrick’s concoction.

Time to Get the St. Patrick Festivities Started

What happens next is enjoying your first psychedelic Shamrock Shake. We say “the first,” because we really think that Wholecelium is the first to experiment with this ?. On our side, we had fun with the end product and added whipped cream and sprinkles on our shakes. It looked like a cute and messy unicorn.

But what you do with your shakes, is your own business. So you can splatter chocolate syrup into your shake, add some CBD oil, top with cherries (a la McDonald’s style). Or just skip the frills and drink your psychedelic Shamrock Shake like a boss ?.

And most importantly, remember to stay safe and have a fun St. Patrick’s Day this year ☘️?.

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