Chris Rock (via Wikimedia Commons)

Chris Rock is garnering clicks again, and luckily this time it’s not for being slapped at an awards ceremony. Before that fateful whack in the chops, the esteemed comedian was deep in a different conversation. In fact, he was championing the topic of the moment — psychedelics. And, he’s nothing if not partisan. 

Mr. Rock was, and still is, here to tell you that psychedelics — shrooms, DMT, ayahuasca — well, rock. 

Psychedelic Celebs

The wave of celebrities copping to their psychedelic experiences is getting steadily larger. Where once it could ruin careers, now sharing your shroom experience on a podcast can boost your public persona immensely. Think of Mike Tyson, or the terrifying ‘Iron Mike’. He shared his healing magic mushroom journey, and through it he introduced a side of himself that was enlightened, spiritual, and yearning to grow. (Still wouldn’t want to run into him in a dark alley however!) 

“I’m All For The Legalization of Weed”

Rock had been a vocal advocate for marijunana for several years, even telling Jud Apatow in a 2012 Vanity Fair email interview;

“I’m all for the legalization of weed. I have two daughters, too, but we all know that alcohol is worse and legal. Seth Rogen is a productive member of society. Mel Gibson has a problem.”

Photo by Elsa Olofsson on Unsplash

So, we know he has form. It was in 2020 however, during an interview on the Ellen DeGeneres show that Rock waxed lyrical about his love for more potent psychedelics. And, he doesn’t just trip like you or I. When he does, it’s all done in celebrity style. 

A Star-Studded Shroom Sesh

In the depths of the pandemic in 2020, Rock’s ol’ pal, the comic Dave Chappelle began putting on socially distanced comedy shows in his hometown of Ohio. Chappelle flew in fellow comedy giants such as David Letterman, Kevin Hart, Michelle Wolf, and of course Rock — and once they’d got a negative covid test — this impressive crew entertained the locals. (Jealous!)

However, laughter wasn’t the only medicine changing hands at this little Ohio hideaway.

“We do lots of drugs. Not the hard stuff, it’s a lot of weed. There’s way more weed than anyone should ever have.” 

Rock told a flustered DeGeneres, as her audience tittered like naughty school kids;

 “And there’s a lot of mushrooms!”

“Everyone that goes there drinks the mushroom tea?” DeGeneres inquired, perhaps disappointed  she didn’t get an invite.

“Yeah, man!” Rock replied. “We’re in a cornfield in a pandemic. What do you got to lose?”

Psychedelics, But Make it Gourmet…

But, naturally, it was a bit more swanky than simply scarfing down a dose of magic mushrooms or truffles in a field. Chappelle had brought in a chef who specialized in psychedelic cuisine, creating delectable dishes laced with shrooms and weed. 

Photo by Razieh Bakhtom on Unsplash

This night of trippy treats may have spawned a bit more than warm fuzzies however. Rock claims, half jokingly, that the shrooms were the trigger for comedian Tiffany Haddish shaving her head

“Haddish drank the mushroom tea and cut her hair the next day. I know she likes to act like ‘ooh Common told me he loves me with no hair.’ No, no, it was the mushroom tea talking!”

I mean whichever it was, it was a good look for Haddish, though one wonders if bald-head jokes are a bit painful for Rock nowadays, after his Oscars smack-down. Ironically, his assailant, film legend Will Smith, is also an advocate for psychedelics, especially ayahuasca, a substance that Rock also stans. 

In fact, not only does he indulge, he even hosts ayahuasca sessions, standing in as the shamanic figure for his circle of friends. On their podcast How Neal Feal, comedians Neal Brennan and Bianca Sia shared the goss from a session they attended. 

During their deep hallucinations Sia thought she heard Rock exclaim “Um, guys, I think I messed up the dosage of the brew, and we are all dead!”

To which Rock himself trippily replied; “YOU KILLED CHRIS ROCK?!”

“I’m a Changed Man”

It wasn’t all surreal shenanigans however, both Sia and Brennan also shared how pivotal the experience was for each of them, with both attributing the trip with reducing their anxiety, and growing their tolerance and empathy. 

Rock echos their sentiment, tweeting after an ayahuasca session in October 2020;

“I’m a changed man.”

Today the psychedelic references are still key for Rock. Guess what he named his recent 2022 world tour?

Why,  Ego Death of course!