When the World Wakes Up

Nature, both inside and outside of ourselves, is telling us that a fresh, new, beginning is here. When you think about it, it’s no surprise to learn that the new year, in many cultures, used to fall at the beginning of Spring. It makes sense right? The world seems to wake-up again, crops for the coming year can be planted, and ground becomes softer, and the sun becomes brighter. 

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Around 2000 BCE the Babyloinians were known to celebrate their new year on the 25th of March. In Ancient Persia, now Iran, the new year — called nowruz — began on March 21st. It is still observed today. The original Ancient Roman calendar had only a modest 10 months within it. The new year began in March and the months were named from there. (Note how the names of our months today correspond with this. For example, in a 10 month calendar September was the seventh month — septem being Latin for 7 — whereas today September is actually the 9th month…oops!) This 10 month calendar left a strange limbo of 60 nameless winter days, so in about 715 BCE January and February were added. Yet still, the new year remained during the Earth’s annual rebirth — Spring. 

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But, in 1582 Pope Gregory introduced his eponymous Gregorian calendar, which made all the numbered months go squiffy, but that didn’t seem to bother him too much. He officially stamped the new year as January 1st, and we’ve been shivering our butts off at firework displays ever since. 

Spring is a Time of Celebration

Today we have a whole host of celebrations that correspond with the coming of Spring. From Easter, to Passover, to Ramadan, to the Equinox, it’s a spiritually important time of year. All this to say, if you didn’t quite manage to get yourself in gear, sort your resolutions, make the good changes, at the ‘official’ start of the year then now is the perfect time. Even more fitting than January perhaps! We are creatures of the Earth after all, and with longer days, renewed energy, and chocolate eggs to inspire us, we think that the Easter-adjacent period is the perfect time to refresh our lives. And one of the best ways to do it is with a psychedelic experience!

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So why do we think that Easter is one of the best times to enjoy a magic mushroom experience?

Psychedelic Trips Can Be a Rebirth

One of the clearest connections between spring and the psychedelic experience is rebirth. While we all can easily see the rebirth of the season, with green shoots sprouting and baby lambs frolicking, the rebirth brought on by a psychedelic trip is more hidden. It may only be identifiable by the glow on your face. 

Psilocybin, the compound found in magic mushrooms and truffles that makes you trip, has the ability to give us a deeper understanding of ourselves. Spiritual insight, changes of perspective, self-acceptance, and feelings of connection to a higher power can all be characteristic of a psychedelic trip. These are all rebirths of a sort. We have the power to plant the seeds of change, and bloom afresh, throughout our lives. 

Additionally, psilocybin has been found to create new neural pathways in the brain — and what’s more spring-like than that? You are basically plowing fresh furrows in your brain to grow new ways of being.

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Magic Mushrooms Make You Feel Closer to Nature

Tree-hugging, psychedelic-loving, hippies may not be such a silly stereotype after all! A 2018 study found that psychedelics can enhance our feelings of connectedness with nature — which is super cool. Imperial College London reported; 

“...The data showed that psilocybin treatment was linked with an average increase in scores for the nature-relatedness questionnaire, indicating patients felt more connected to their environment, with a statistically significant change in score several months after treatment.”

Studies show that spending time in, and feeling connected to, nature are beneficial to both our mental and physical health. So what better time to get closer to nature than in springtime? 

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Taking an Easter trip, especially outdoors, will connect you to the rhythms and movements of the awakening Earth. You will sense the vibrations of the leaves, and it will feel like the birds are singing just for you. It’s the perfect way to start the outdoorsy season, by greeting nature properly. For all the tips you need check out our guide on how to trip in nature

Magic Mushrooms Go Great with Chocolate

I mean, who can argue? — chocolate goes great with everything. Especially during this, the most chocolatey of seasons. Magic mushroom or magic truffle chocolates are growing significantly in popularity for many reasons. Firstly, they are easy to consume. Secondly, you can easily monitor your dosage. Thirdly, they are easy to transport and share. Lastly, well, they’re just tasty! Some people find the taste of magic mushrooms or truffles a little unpleasant, so psilocybin chocolate is ideal for this demographic, while also being a treat for those who don’t mind the flavor of undisguised shroom. 

Additionally, psilocybin and cacao have a long history of being thrown together. In fact, it is known by some as the ‘Aztec Combo’. In ancient medicinal rituals the magic mushroom was supposed to ‘open the mind’ while the cacao would ‘open the heart.’

Our suggestion: See what your Easter haul is. Maybe you can repurpose some of those eggs or bunnies to make your own magic mushroom or truffle chocolates. (if the Easter bunny skips you, don’t panic! Just go and raid your local supermarket for choco — it’s all the same once you melt it!) Now you’ve got your chocolate you can follow our Magic Mushroom Chocolate Recipe to create your own trippy treats. 

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So there you have it — Easter is a fine time to go on a magic mushroom adventure. You can welcome the spring, eat tasty treats, and connect with the Earth, all at once!