They are in fact, the safest recreational drug — far safer than alcohol, and honestly, for most people, more about spiritual insight and internal adventure than ‘getting wasted’. 

A New Dawn for Magic Mushrooms

Additionally, they have great potential as treatment for mental health conditions — there’s a reason that folks often actually feel better the day after a shroom trip! Those who have suffered through a hangover from drinking can attest that psilocybin’s warm afterglow is basically an earthly miracle. Earthly being the operative word, as magic mushrooms and truffles are 100% natural, unlike many synthetic ‘party’ drugs. 

It is all these attributes that have contributed to the new dawn for psilocybin, the compound that is responsible for the psychedelic effects of magic mushrooms and truffles. 

But wait — record scratch — do we have to eat our words? Because, it seems, there are a whole new set of psilocybin lovers who are starting to use shrooms for just that — partying! 

Yep, it turns out that magic mushrooms might be finally becoming the party drug, they never actually were. However, although the psilocybin remains the same, it’s the definition of ‘partying’ that has changed.

How Attitudes Around ‘Partying’ Have Changed

Time was, that going out to a club, or a party, or a rave, was inextricable from getting wasted. Drinking too much, blacking out, waking up with a half eaten pizza stuck to your face, and spending the next week rueing the day that you ever drank a beer. 

However, during the pandemic people had a chance to step back and examine this behavior. Many found they felt happier and healthier without it. And some, such as the younger Gen Z-ers, decided to never start it. In fact, on average, Gen Z are tending to drink at least 20% less than Millenials, and Millenials themselves are drinking less than their senior generations; the Gen X-ers and the Baby Boomers. 

Photo by Aleksandr Popov on Unsplash

Post-Pandemic Life is About Making Connections

This shake-up of behavior corresponded with the growing positive image of psychedelics, and their benefits being newly disseminated via social media and news outlets. After the pandemic many people became more engaged in caring for their mental health, and psychedelics, such as psilocybin, emerged as a new available tool. Additionally, post-pandemic, actually forming a connection with people, after so much isolation, became incredibly attractive. Today many people are going out to bond and vibe rather than lose themselves. 

Photo by Levi Guzman on Unsplash

Magic mushrooms or magic truffles, (unlike say, cocaine or a vodka-Redbull) are known to foster connection between people. Psilocybin has been proven to enhance feelings of closeness to nature, a higher power, and other people. This is why we are beginning to see psychedelics being used at parties, whereas perhaps in the past we may have seen the aforementioned alcohol + energy drink concoction. 

A Low-to-Medium Dose is Favored by Clubbers

That is not to say people are going to raves and taking a ‘heroic dose’ of shrooms, however. Not at all! Most people agree (including us!) that the best place for that kind of psychedelic journey is probably in the safety and comfort of your own home. Rather, when folks go ‘out out’ on psilocybin it tends to be on lower doses. For some, not much more than a microdose is sufficient to get the lights a bit twinklier, feel more in-synch to the music, and to have meaningful conversations (that they actually remember the next day!) Other’s take a slightly higher, moderate or ‘museum’ dose, but as a rule no-one is actually ‘tripping’. 

“New Ways of Connecting”

In an interview with Vice magazine, about the rise of more ‘casual’ psychedelic use, Dutch criminologist and drug researcher Ton Nabben explained why he believes this trend is on the up. Citing the “…increase of scientific research into psychedelics” as the reason why people feel more confident experimenting, as well as the enjoyability of the experience itself;

“Your experience on psychedelics can be much richer, they do a lot of different things to your senses… In a club setting they can open the door to new ways of connecting.” 

Additionally, for many of the new generation of club-goers, going out is perhaps more of a holistic activity than for generations past. Drinking yourself to oblivion and not caring about tomorrow is no longer seen as the done thing. People are thinking about tomorrow, and beyond. And, in uncertain times, experiences on psychedelics can help with this. No more having to ‘recover’ from a night out, rather, it becomes part of a more integrated life-style. 

Photo by Aleksandr Popov on Unsplash

Psilocybin Has Been Shown to Treat Alcohol Use Disorder

It is also a turning point for those in recovery from alcohol problems. Studies are showing that psilocybin from magic mushrooms can help treat Alcohol Use Disorder, as well as other addictive behaviors. Introducing a less alcohol-centric way of going out is key for both those recovering, and those who just want to cut down. Many clubbers report that after taking a low dose of shrooms they have no inclination to drink alcohol on a night out anyway. 

Could Psychedelic Clubbing Bring the Generations Together?

This style of clubbing also opens up avenues for older partiers to rejoin the fray. After a certain age (25? 30? 35? 40? — it depends who you ask!) dealing with the aftermath of drinking or certain drugs becomes much, much harder, leading some to bow out all together. A softer, psychedelically-led clubbing experience could bring different generations together. 

Because of this, it’s no wonder that alcohol-free, but psychedelic-welcoming, spaces are quickly opening up. For example, DoubleBlind Magazine recently covered the LA-based rave named Mushwomb, where the vibes are good and the drinks are, notably, alcohol free. You can however, pick up shroom or THC-infused teas, or beverages containing nootropics or functional mushroom extracts. Writer Michelle Lhooq ponders in the article; 

“Shroom raves could open up new modes of social engagement: introspective, meditative, empathetic, tranquil, attuned to the energetic instead of verbal. What if we could normalize hugging on the dancefloor, instead of slurring speech into each others’ ears?

Be Safe, and Have Fun!

Psychedelics are still, of course, psychedelics. So if you do wish to pursue the glittering path towards a new kind of partying, you must also be responsible. 

We recommend being a little experienced before you get shroomy for a night on the town. Practice microdosing or taking a moderate dose at home first and see how it works for you. Always be careful and get to know your dosages, whether you are taking fresh magic mushrooms, dried magic mushrooms, or fresh magic truffles. You can check out our full Dosage Chart here. 

If you want to take it a little further with a higher dose, and explore the outer realms of your psyche, we recommend staying in a safe, familiar place — and checking out our Tripping Guide

The Takeaway:

  • Magic mushrooms have disproven their unfair reputation as a dangerous party drug.
  • Studies are finding that psilocybin from magic mushrooms and truffles is an effective treatment for mental health conditions. 
  • Due to this research many people are feeling more confident to experiment with magic mushrooms. 
  •  Post-pandemic, people, especially Gen-Z are looking for a more holistic way to experience nightlife and socializing. Alcohol is out and psychedelics are in. 
  • On low to medium doses psilocybin can enhance the clubbing experience sensorially, without the dangers associated with drinking or other drugs such as cocaine.
  • Psilocybin has been found to be an effective treatment for Alcohol Use Disorder.
  • Psychedelic raves could bring different generations of people together
  • If you do plan to take magic mushrooms on a night out, make sure you have prior experience and know your dosages. 

And remember, however you choose to party, be safe and have fun!