Magic truffles (or psilocybin truffles) are a psychedelic that is growing in popularity, fast. The underground portion of the magic mushroom, these lumpy, bumpy, nuggets act as a food source for the fungi, and a mind-opening resource to us humans who consume them. As with magic mushrooms, magic truffles come in different potencies too, and with slightly different effects. These different types of magic mushrooms and truffles are called ‘strains’. A strain is a specific reproducible variation of a species, and in the case of shrooms, usually the Psilocybe cubensis

The Differences Between Strains

Each strain is bred to have a slightly different effect. Some gentler, enabling a more social experience. Others are known to produce slightly more visual effects. Others (the most potent) are bred to send you straight to the cosmos, dissolve your ego, and come back reborn. Of course it also depends on your dosage. A high dose of a softer truffle, or a very low dose of a stronger truffle might cause similar effects. Or you may just be more or less prone to visual effects regardless of the psychedelic you take. But, generally, the strain you choose does and will affect the experience you have; so having the expertise to pick out the right one for you is key to shaping your trip. 

Quiz: Which Magic Truffle Strain is for Me?

So to help you select your perfect truffle for your needs, we have created an easy quiz for you to do! Simply answer the questions, and follow the arrows, to discover the magic truffle for you. Once you have your answer, you can read a more descriptive explanation of its characteristics below. 

MEXICANA Magic Truffle:

The Psilocybe mexicana magic truffle is perhaps the most well known strain. It is thought to have been used in ancient times by Central American indigenous cultures such as the Aztecs and the Mayans to perform spiritual rituals. It is on the softer side, our least potent truffle — perfect for beginners! A light body high, giggles, and warm feelings are sure to be had. Potency: 55/100.

PAJARITOS Magic Truffle:

The Psilocybe pajaritos magic truffle is a touch stronger than the mexicana, but still gentle enough for beginners. Originating from Guatemala, their name translates to ‘little bird’, reflecting their light, euphoric, and sociable trip. Experiencing the fluttering joy of Pajaritos is perfect amongst friends. Potency: 60/100. 

TAMPANENSIS Magic Truffle:

The Psilocybe tampanensis magic truffle is the next step up in strength, though still not heavy. This truffle, originally found in Tampa, Florida, will introduce some beautiful visual effects into the mix, as well as a thrilling body high. These truffles are often referred to as Philosopher’s Stones, so you can expect a little wisdom to come your way too. Potency: 65/100.

ATLANTIS Magic Truffle:

The Psilocybe atlantis magic truffle is perfect for those with a little more psychedelic experience under their belt. This truffle opens the door for introspection, and a dialogue with your deep subconscious. Philosophical, and with beautiful visual effects,  the right dose and you may find yourself submerged in your own mystical mind-kingdom — hence the name, Atlantis. Potency: 70/100.

DRUID Magic Truffle:

The Psilocybe druid magic truffle is for those on a quest with wisdom and insight. Like the Druids of old, you will feel a sense of wonder and awe for Mother Earth, and a deep connection to all elements of nature. Expect immersive visuals and bursts of clarity. Potency: 75/100

HOLLANDIA Magic Truffle:

The Psilocybe hollandia magic truffle is where we get into the really heavy-hitting territory. Developed in the spiritual home of the magic truffle, in the heart of the Netherlands, the Hollandia is potent, produces colorful visuals, and even boasts improved taste. For those who want to dip their toe into serious psychedelia. Potency: 85/100

ALIEN Magic Truffle:

The Psilocybe alien magic truffle will blast you into outer space. One of the strongest truffles we stock, it is visual, colorful and meteorically strong. This truffle is for experienced psychonauts, who are practiced at exploring the technicolor cosmos. Potency: 90/100.

MAAKALI Magic Truffle:

The Psilocybe maakali magic truffle produces a deep spiritual journey, perfect for those who have previously explored their subconscious psyches. Named after the goddess Kali — she of birth, death, transformation, endings, and beginnings — your trip will echo these themes. Cleansing laughter, rejuvenation, revelation, and then rebirth. At high doses ego death is possible with this truffle. Potency: 100/100

QUBIT Magic Truffle:

The Psilocybe qubit magic truffle is like nothing from this dimension — in fact — it will take you to a new one! The strongest truffle available, its high levels of psilocybin and psilocin will bend your reality, triggering deep insight and new perspectives. At high doses ego death is possible with this truffle. Potency: (a mathematically impossible) 110/100!

So, there you have it. Hopefully this quiz has given you an idea of how to get what you want next time you’re in that magic truffle huntin’ mood. All magic truffles can give you enjoyable psychedelic experiences, no matter the strain, but being prepared with specialist knowledge is the best way to approach your trip, whether it’s your first or your fiftieth.