Product Details

Weight 0.015 kg
Harvest / Yield 15 Gram
Strength & Visuals 85 out of 100
Size 7 x 5 x 1 Centimeter
Stock Temperature 4 Celsius
Shelf Life 2 Months (unopened) / 2 Weeks (opened)
Strain Psylocybe Cubensis



Discount pricing available for quantities of 2 units or more

HOLLANDIA magic truffles


The HOLLANDIA sclerotia magic truffles are relatively new truffles and they are the strongest magic truffles on earth. The truffles are twice as strong as the Mexicana truffles and sometimes people compare them with the well known magic mushroom. The visual trip is more colourful and you can even share one portion with the two of you. These magic truffles have a less sour taste than the other truffles. As the name suggest, the Hollandia has been developed in the Netherlands, with a special technique. This special truffle is very potent.

  • Trip: The strong trip of the Hollandia magic truffles is very comparable to magic mushrooms in its visuals. Wander around outside and get inspired by nature and expand your mind.
  • Dosage: HOLLANDIA are magic truffles for the pros, and you need to come prepared. 5 – 10 grams: great laughs and fun, relaxing body high 15 grams: deeper, insightful trip, visual and colourful – deep insights, with the right dosage ego death can be experienced.

All sorts of background information can be found in our WIKI > Manuals

Product Details

Weight 0.015 kg
Harvest / Yield 15 Gram
Strength & Visuals 85 out of 100
Size 7 x 5 x 1 Centimeter
Stock Temperature 4 Celsius
Shelf Life 2 Months (unopened) / 2 Weeks (opened)
Strain Psylocybe Cubensis

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Psilocybe HOLLANDIA information

Do you want to experience the strongest magic truffle on Earth? Well, the psilocybe HOLLANDIA is the perfect choice for you and your psychedelic aspirations. Cultivated exclusively in Holland, the spiritual home of the magic truffle, this sclerotia has been grown to give you the most intense trip around. A favorite with tourists buying from Amsterdam’s smart shops, you can order this magic truffle straight from our webstore. Weighing in at twice as strong as the iconic psilocybe MEXICANA — and therefore a truffle for the experienced tripper — it also boasts a less bitter taste than its other psilocybe cousins. 

A psilocybe HOLLANDIA magic truffle is not actually a ‘truffle’. It is a scelerotia — the underground food reserves of a fungus, which take the form of a hardened mass of mycelium. As the psilocybe HOLLANDIA is the sclerotia of a psilocybin mushroom, it contains all the same psychedelic properties as one. It’s basically a magic mushroom growing under the ground!

The psilocybe HOLLANDIA is a relatively new strain of magic truffle, cultivated in the Netherlands to be incredibly potent and with improved flavor. 

The psilocybe HOLLANDIA is one of the most potent truffles available. This is due to its extremely high levels of the psychedelic compounds psilocybin and psilocin. Because of its potency it is not recommended for beginners, rather it is ideal for the experienced psychonaut who wants to take it to the next level. The trip the Hollandia provides is a feat for the eyes — extremely colorful visuals, and real hallucinations at the right dosage. You will experience waves of euphoria, deep spiritual insights, and potentially ego death. Your consciousness will be expanded and enriched — truly a trip you will never forget. 

The HOLLANDIA magic truffle is a very strong natural psychedelic The dosages we recommend are: 

For the beginner we advise 3-5g of fresh HOLLANDIA magic truffles. 

For the more experienced we advise 10g of fresh HOLLANDIA magic truffles.

For the expert we recommend 15g of fresh HOLLANDIA magic truffles.

For the perfect medium dose, we recommend splitting the 15g pack with a friend. You will also have the added joy of sharing this experience with someone close!

You can either chew your fresh magic truffles, or make a tea by infusing them in hot (not boiling) water and drinking it.

Within 15 to 30 minutes you will begin to feel the effects of your magic truffles. Waves of euphoria and the urge to laugh will overcome you. You will begin to see cool visual effects and experience heightened senses. Your trip has begun…

The effects of your magic truffles will last between 3 and 6 hours

For more info please refer to our manual the Magic Truffles Guide!

The Dutch Golden Age continues with the work of art that is the HOLLANDIA magic truffle. Specially cultivated in the fertile greenery of Holland, these are the product of experienced truffle growers, who keep the sclerotia growing underground for longer, thus increasing its potency. By keeping the truffle underground for longer, the mycelium is able to produce a truffle with extremely high levels of psilocybin — twice as strong as the classic psilocybe MEXICANA!

If you liked this magic truffle, we have plenty more for you to explore! 

  • For a much lighter, sociable trip we recommend the psilocybe TAMPANENSIS — better for the newer tripper. 
  • For a comparably visual, but slightly lighter trip we recommend the psilocybe ATLANTIS magic truffle. Perfect for medium-experience trippers. 
  • For a stronger, next level trip we recommend our exclusive psilocybe MAAKALI, which gives a colorful and deeply spiritual experience, perfect for the psychedelic pro.

If you have any more questions about our super-charged psilocybe HOLLANDIA magic truffle, please go to our FAQ section for all the answers and more!

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