A Tripper’s Menu

Tripping on shrooms is not generally associated with a big appetite. As we recommend taking them on an empty stomach to make them more effective, eating while tripping may seem counterintuitive. Unlike our friends, the stoners (we’re looking at you, Harold and Kumar!), there is a delicacy to the food choices —if any— that a shroom tripper might make.

Often, your mind is experiencing and exploring so much, that food seems unnecessary for the moment. Sometimes, if you are prone to nausea while tripping, it is best to stick to just water to keep hydrated. However, if you do want to make food and drink a part of your trip, here are some suggestions, to tingle your taste buds. 


Ginger Tea

To try and ensure feelings of nausea stay away, maybe start with a zesty, stomach-settling ginger tea. A good way to ensure you start your journey hydrated too!


Oranges, watermelon, berries

This may seem very light for a ‘main’, but when tripping, food often becomes more of a sensorial journey than an actual meal. Fruit is a classic choice, as its tangy flavours really come alive with the heightened sense of taste that shrooms can provide. The way in which the flesh of an orange, or the skin of a berry, bursts when bitten into, can provide what some trippers dub a ‘mouth-gasm’. 


Ice-cream, fro-yo, popsicles

For some people, the action of chewing while high can be quite unpleasant. Foods that deliver flavour with minimal effort are often a good option. The refreshing coolness of a frozen treat can help focus your mind or just thrill your mouth. Whether you go for fruity or creamy it’s good to keep that freezer stocked! 


Tea, orange juice, lemonade

Sweet drinks are recommended during a trip, to keep sugar levels up. For those who can’t deal with chewing, orange juice makes a great alternative to the actual fruit. Additionally, vitamin C helps stimulate brain and visual receptors, refreshing you and helping you to see more clearly.

Coming Down— Midnight Feast or Morning After

Once you start to come down you may feel your appetite returning. In this case, eat whatever your body is craving/ whatever makes you feel comfortable. If you want some recommendations however, a source of protein and some good fats will always hit the spot. Nuts, avocados, eggs, are all favourites, and you definitely can’t go wrong with a PB & J. 

Of course everyone is different, and every trip is different. What do you crave? Let us know in the comments below!

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