There are signs that we’re heading into spring. The mornings are a little brighter, birds are getting flirty, and the high street shops are already decking their mannequins in Spring/Summer 2023’s finest (brrrrr!)

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10 Easy Ways To Get Ready For Spring

But how can you put your best foot forward to spring into spring? It may still be glove-weather. But, there’s no time like the present to get into a new season state of mind. So, in the spirit of fresh starts we’re going to serve some piping hot advice, that will hopefully make you feel ready to face the last remaining chills of the year. By the time spring has actually sprung (on the 20th of March, apparently) you’ll be fresh as the green shoots bursting from the ground. 

Get Outside!

OK, we acknowledged it’s still frosty out there. But, conversely, getting out into the fresh air will actually make you feel a whole lot better. Firstly, it’ll wake you up! Secondly, any vitamin-D you can get this time of year is a big plus. Did you know that 50% of the global population do not have sufficient levels of the essential vitamin?! Thirdly, studies have shown there are numerous benefits reaped from getting active outdoors from kick-starting heart and brain function to boosting your immune system. Lastly, it’s just fun! After a few months of being tucked up with fluffy slippers on, getting out is a fresh experience in more ways than one. Check out how the world is changing — plants are beginning to grow, the trees are getting clothed once again, and there’s a feeling of movement and optimism in the air. 

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You Reap What You Sow

And speaking of, why not get plating at home? Get a step ahead on spring and start your planting indoors. This way you can re-pot or plant outside when the weather warms up a tad. There are various vegetables you can plant from seed in the warmth of your home in late January/early February. These include tomatoes, lettuce, chard, eggplant, broccoli cauliflower, brussel sprouts and cabbage. It’s a veritable salad! You can also prepare to season your salad by planting basil, parsley, dill and oregano too!

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Pssst! For some alternate planting, why not purchase one of our magic mushroom grow kits? Though they will sprout any time of year, setting one up in early spring seems fitting for fresh starts AND they’ll deliver results much faster than your tomato plant. Once you’ve harvested your mushrooms the weather may have improved enough to have a trip outside in nature!

Yoga and Meditation

After the bustle of the festive season, sometimes it’s difficult to get centered again. Introducing or re-picking up a yoga and/or mindfulness routine can work wonders to get us back in touch with ourselves again. By making time to focus on our body we can ground ourselves and improve our overall well being. This includes reducing our stress levels, increasing our coping abilities, and lessening anxiety. Some people have even begun microdosing psilocybin before their yoga practice to really get deep into the process. Those who do report increased focus, energy and creativity are brought to their salute to the sun. Learn more about combining yoga and microdosing here. 

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Time For Some Spring Cleaning!

For many people, a cluttered home is a cluttered mind. As unappealing as it may be, sometimes taking charge of our situations is the one thing that will make us feel revitalized. Go through your belongings old and new. Maybe there’s gifts from this past Xmas that can go straight to charity? Maybe there’s stuff you’ve been hanging on to for years that’s long overdue re-homing? Whether you go big — deep cleaning, re-painting, the whole home-makeover shebang, or a little smaller — do the laundry with a new detergent, then make your bed — you’ll feel all the better for it. 

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Eat Fresh

After a season of stick-your-ribs-together meals — stews, stodge, rivers of gravy — it’s time to get fresh with your food choices. We’re not talking anything drastic, just adding some seasonal produce to your menu is fine. For example, if you are in Northern Europe you will find that in January and February beetroot, red cabbage and apples are in abundance. Simply search for your area + seasonal produce and see what’s growing near you. 

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Try a New Hobby

Now we are on the path to springtime, a lot of the promises we made to ourselves re: new year’s resolutions actually look a bit more plausible. Whether you planned to take up tennis, or learn a language, or even hang out with your friends more, the coming change in season will motivate you to try something different. 

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Bullet Proof your Wellness Regime

There’s a zillion different wellness routines buzzing about the internet. However, your chosen regime can be as casual or as involved as you wish it to be. Make sure you are taking all the supplements you need to be feeling tip-top, whether it’s your Vitamin D, your Omega-3s or any of the Vitamin Bs. We also recommend adding a psilocybin microdose to your wellness routine if you are not already doing so. Known for boosting mood, energy levels, and focus, it’s the perfect addition to your wellness regime to help you shake off the icy cobwebs of winter. Find the microdosing protocol that suits you here. 

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Embrace Love

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, but don’t let that be your only reason for embracing love. Whether romantic, platonic or familial these last few months of chill are the perfect time to spread some warm fuzzies by reminding your loved ones how much they mean to you. A phone call, a gift or a home cooked dinner, anything like this will get your year started with good vibes. 

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Freshen Up Your Friendships

On a similar tack, why not really home in on the friendships you wish to grow? Whether it’s reconnecting with an old pal, making plans with a new one, or prioritizing a special hang-out date with your bestie, caring for these connections is key. Many people don’t realize that friendships take just as much tending as romantic relationships. So water those little friendship seeds with coffee dates and cinema trips and see the flowers bloom!

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Clean Up Your Bedtime Act

After a season of holiday parties and dark, dark mornings you can’t be blamed if your sleeping schedule is a little dysfunctional right now. Luckily, if you’ve been waking up feeling grumpy and groggy there are plenty of methods to get back on track. Trying to hit the hay around 10 pm or earlier on a ‘school night’ is the best for our circadian rhythm, our inner body clock that regulates our waking and sleeping hours. Additionally, stopping the usage of electronic devices at least an hour before beddy-byes is also shown to be effective.

For those who find it a mammoth task to get up in the morning (such as those with SAD) a day-light lamp can be a purchase really worth every penny.

Some people find microdosing before bed can relax them and enhance their dreams — a reason to go to bed early if ever we saw one!

Whatever method you choose, getting your sleep cycle sorted is important in all areas of health

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So, don’t worry folks! The days are getting longer and brighter as we speak. We hope our tips will have you springing into the new season with your best foot forward.