We (probably) don’t need to explain to you what TikTok is 😉.

It’s the social media platform that’s left Instagram, Twitter, et al in the dust. It’s the birthright of Gen Z, as well as a compulsive procrastination past-time for millions.

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Whether you use it or not you probably know the format — an endless scroll of bite-sized videos that their creators hope will go ‘viral’. Trends come and go on TikTok, but some of the stalwarts include dance routines, funny kids, and clips of celebrities makin’ fools out of themselves. (We’re looking at you Kendal ‘Cucumber’ Jenner)

TikTok as a Tool

However, TikTok is not just a platform for goofy content. I mean it sure does have some of the best goofy content around, no doubt. But it has also begun to show itself to be a highly useful tool. There are educational videos, reviews, and ‘how to’ videos for everything from make-up looks, to life-hacks, and recipes. 

How TikTok Became a Microdosing Tool

A subject that has really begun to shine on the platform is microdosing. Microdosing (as you probably know if you found your way to this website!) is the practice of taking tiny, sub-perceptual doses of a psychedelic, usually magic mushrooms or truffles. It is used to treat everything from anxiety to depression, as well as to increase creativity and general well-being. 

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It turns out this platform, where anyone can share their experience and advice in a fun-sized format, is a perfect way to disseminate information about microdosing. For those who are on the fence or unsure, seeing videos of real people telling their story can embolden them to try new things. As of late last year the hashtag  #mushies had chalked up over 28 million views on TikTok, and the hashtag #microdosingbenefits had 27.8 million. They are just a couple of the many, many microdosing and mushroom related hashtags searched for every day.

How Microdose TikTok Was Born

It was in the darkest, most locked-down days of the pandemic that this relationship was forged. People were stuck at home — nothing to do but scroll on their phones — thus many new TikTok accounts were created, and engagement grew and grew. It also gave people time to stop and actually pay attention to themselves for a change. Many people began to think about their mental health and wellness and how to improve it. Creators began to share tips on how they cope with depression, anxiety, or ADHD, often sharing their medication regimes or therapeutic strategies. 

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Microdosing as a trend was already bubbling under, but with the lock-downs more and more people began to experiment with it, using easy mail order magic mushroom services, like ours. From this, a real, honest microdosing community began to grow.

Real Stories From Real People

Another reason that TikTok became such a source for microdosing info and inspo was that unlike Instagram and Facebook, on TikTok you are encouraged to be yourself, rather than showing a glossy airbrushed image to the world. Most of these microdose TikTok-ers were not trying to sell you something, they were simply sharing their experience. Many people found these videos to be a lifeline and an honest form of expression in a time of uncertainty. 

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The bravery and vulnerability of sharing these kinds of stories is often not appreciated by those who look down on social media. However, as psilocybin remains illegal in the majority of countries, research is stymied substantially. The accessibility of TikTok means that people can share their compelling experiences and anecdotes while, due to red-tape, official microdosing research lags behind. 

Both Psilocybin and TikTok Can Foster Connection

With the ability to link with people all over the world at your fingertips, and the sheer amount of people you can reach, TikTok chimes well with the open and healing nature of psychedelics. Magic mushroom and truffle experiences can help you feel more connected to humanity, nature and the world in general. Sharing these experiences on social media platforms also works as a form of integration for some creators — they feel seen, both literally and metaphorically. 

The Diverse Array of Microdose TikTok Stars

Microdose TikTok-ers come in many forms. Some of the stars of the scene are not what you would expect.

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Take the surprisingly large coterie of ‘microdosing moms’ on TikTok. Many of them use the platform to share how they use microdosing to negotiate their way through motherhood and mental health challenges. Removing the stigma from struggling, their stories are inspirational for many mothers across the world. For example HolisticHustle, a creator who describes herself as a ‘Mushroom advocate’, shares a wealth of content that sits at the intersection of microdosing and motherhood. For example some of the videos that her 61.8K followers have enjoyed include ‘4 ways microdosing 🍄 has made me a better mom and role-model for my daughter’ and ‘Maternity and microdo$ing’.

Microdosing is also very popular with the neurodivergent crowd on TikTok. For example, there are heaps of creators releasing content based on their experiences of microdosing to manage their ADHD. As well as being a great help and support to those with ADHD, their visibility on TikTok brings wider visibility to the condition as a whole. 

Then you have athletes, coaches, and sports-folk such as coachjeremy305 who currently has 1.4 million followers and counting. His content includes how he has used microdosing as part of his health and fitness journey, as well as psychedelic legislation updates and health tips in general.  

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TikTok Creates New Avenues of Information

Additionally, the TikTok microdosing community gives users access to information they cannot get from their GP or doctor. Those who are at their wits end, trying to find medications that work for them, are being shown new avenues and possibilities that they may not have found out about otherwise. 

Visibility is Essential for a Psychedelic Future

The sheer amount of advocates for psychedelics on social media means we can safely assume the genie will not be shoved back into the bottle. Real human connection can move the psychedelic movement forward, with the visible outcomes on social media platforms a sign to the powers-that-be that things need to change. 

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So while TikTok is a place to wile away some boredom watching goofy videos, it’s also a place you can learn and grow, held in the palm of your hand.