Psilocybin (the compound in magic mushrooms and truffles that make that trip happen) changes the way we see, hear and feel the world. The list of activities psilocybin can enhance is pretty much endless, and it can make even the most banal of things interesting. Some pastimes suit shrooms better than others however, especially ones that take place outdoors. Below is a list of activities that you can do whilst tripping this summer to make the most of this (fingers crossed) fine weather.

*Note: Remember that you should not try anything outside your normal range of ability while on shrooms or, of course, drive. In terms of dosage starting low and going slow is the best way to explore different activities on shrooms. Check out our dosage chart here. 

Go For a Walk in Nature

It’s an obvious one, sure. But if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it right? Magic mushrooms can encourage you to feel a deep connection with all living things, and help you to appreciate the beauty of the world around you. If you’re not especially experienced with psychedelics, it best to have either a well-versed shroom user or a sober pal to accompany you. A local park, hiking trail, or forest that you can roam freely in is ideal. Let the nature wash over you and appreciate every creature, leaf, and breeze. Research has shown that shrooms enhance your feelings of closeness to nature, and in turn, feelings of closeness to nature are good for our mental health. If you are in a spot where it is possible, don’t forget to talk off your shoes and socks and get some grass between those tootsies.

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Meditating helps us to come into presence in our body. It is usually achieved by sitting still, focussing on our breathing, and emptying (or at least quietening) our minds. You could, in fact, do it while doing most of the activities we will list here. Shrooms, in many ways, actually make it easier to achieve a meditative state. By narrowing your focus to what is around you right now, and heightening your senses, shrooms can enable you to be present in the moment. Meditating outside, in a safe spot, can be deeply immersive. It can also help you to fully embrace and integrate the perspective shifts you may experience during a trip. Bring a blanket and some SPF!

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Draw / Paint

The link between psychedelics, such as shrooms, and creativity has been flagged time and again. You see shapes, forms, and patterns, that you could have never previously conceived of. Pencils, or pens, are great to make physical what you see in your mind’s eye. Paints, such as watercolours are even better. With their splashy, dreamy quality they suit shrooms down to the ground. Set yourself up on a blanket or a bench and noodle about with your paintbrush and paper. Don’t worry about what you might end up with — art is all about feeling. 

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Cloud Gazing

Ever played the game where you look for shapes in passing clouds? Well try deciphering those white-fluffies while tripping on psilocybin — it’s a whole other ball-game. The human mind is primed to identify faces everywhere, and with the added creativity and loosening of the imagination that psilocybin can bring, you are sure to find endless dreamy amusement.

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The nocturnal sibling of cloud gazing, stargazing is profound at the best of times. While on magic mushrooms or truffles you may find yourself positively communing with the cosmos, sessioning with the stars, meditating with the milky way. Make sure you’re in a safe spot with a good view of the sky, and bring some layers incase its gets chilly. Don’t forgot to check what phase the moon will be in — the lunar vibes will play a big part in your experience too!

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While general Western yoga practices often don’t cover the breadth and depth of its significance to Hindu and Buddhist cultures, yoga is an intensely spiritual praxis. Many people devote hours to achieve a certain level of skill and immersion. Magic mushrooms or truffles can help your body feel that bit more loosey-goosey, making yoga feel that much more intuitive. A low-to-medium dose can help you to tune in to your environment and destress. Yoga and psychedelics do have an intertwined history, that it is definitely worth exploring, and trying out for yourself. 

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Listen to Music

Psychedelics have been inspiring musicians and music fans for many years. Playing some classic psychedelic tunes — or just your personal faves — while tripping in the sunshine can bring a whole new dimension to the listening expereince. Ever strolled through the park, favourite playlist on your headphones, and couldn’t help but imagine you were starring in a music video? Imagine that x10. Love those tingles and goosebumps you get from a super poignant tune? Oof, get ready for the next level. And, although psychedelic music is associated with (duh) psychedelics, its not the only genre that comes alive under the lens of psilocybin. All music from classical, to R&B, to electronica, to pop will shimmer when coupled with magic mushrooms. 

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Hug a Tree

No, really! Hugging trees may be a classic hippie stereotype. But it’s not for nothing. As we mentioned before, psychedelics do make you feel closer to nature, and honestly trees are actually, like, really cool. Magnificent, majestic, magnetic. In the presence of one of our arboreal friends, while tripping, you will likely feel an overwhelming urge to touch, or yes, even hug it. Magic mushrooms can make everything feel alive, especially plants, moving with the breeze, and gifting us the oxygen we breathe. You may also be tempted to climb a tree, which can be an amazing feeling — just make sure you know what you are doing!

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Talk to the Animals

Shrooms might not quite make you Dr. Dolittle, but they can certainly increase your feeling of connection with animals. Sure, you may end chatting with your dog, or a bird you see perched in a tree, but even just a feeling of connection with our furry, feathered or scaly cousins here on Earth can be transcendental. Watch an ant on its ant-mission through blades of grass — its got stuff going on — just like you. Remember you are part of an eco-system, and let that guide you. 

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Stay Home

Ok, maybe tripping outside, even when the weather is fine, is not your vibe. Whether its because you don’t feel experienced enough with shrooms to try it yet, or you’ve just found you prefer to experience your psychedelic moments inside, that fine too! Make a cosy, chill-out spot in your living room or bedroom — blankets, cushions, fairylights — and let that warm breeze tickle you from the window. The most important thing about a psychedelic trip is that you feel safe and comfortable. The better you feel, the better and more profound your experience will be.

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So there you have it, a list of some of the fun things you can do this summer while enjoying the magic of shrooms or truffles!