To us, there’s nothing more ‘New Year’ than a magic mushroom trip. Along with all the wavy, sparkly joy that is a prerequisite, with a psychedelic trip there is also usually an aspect of self-realisation. A new understanding of your desires, or seeing people — and your relationships with them— how they really are, or even just a new feeling of connection and engagement with the world. It’s like no-effort resolution fulfilment (almost!)

Out With The Old, In With The New

New Years is also a time when we are supposed to shake the dust off, get rid of the old, and bring in the fresh and new. It’s all very easy to say, but at the moment making these kinds of strides is harder than ever. It’s difficult to make big changes when you are supposed to be staying home due to a pandemic! And even without pandemics grinding us down, for many in the western hemisphere, the icy, unsexy weather is enough to make you want to hibernate till spring. This is where psychedelics, such as psilocybin from magic mushrooms, have their chance to shine — again. As we said above, they are a great tool for seeing what you really want/are/need. But due to being great at this, it follows they are also great for the dust-shaking-off and the welcoming of the new. It’s all connected…

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It’s not just the realisations that are important, see? It’s also putting those suckers into practice. And magic mushrooms and truffles are here to help. Not just with your ‘New Year New You ©’ project. But also to just make your New Year go with a bang! Life-changing they can be, but awesome they always are. 

But what’s the right time for your big New Year Trip? 

New Year’s eve? Or New Year’s Day?

Tripping on New Years Eve Vs. Tripping on New Years Day

Both can be magical. But which is the best for you to see out 2021 / usher in 2022?

We’ve weighed the pros and cons so you don’t have to!

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Tripping on New Years Eve

I guess the obvious difference between tripping on NYE and NYD is that the eve is more of a party vibe, to put it lightly. It really depends on what your plans are. How ‘big’ you are going. Ringing in the New Year with fireworks exploding, hugging, and singing while tripping is an unbelievable experience. Unparalleled joy, baby! However, it’s good to be a little cautious.

Many people tend to go overboard on New Year’s Eve. There’s a reason why bartenders nickname the evening ‘amateur’s night’. Because everyone suddenly thinks they are a drinking/partying expert. What with the madness usually associated with NYE it’s probably best not to take a very high or ‘heroic dose’ on this particular night. (unless of course you and your pals are experienced psychonauts and it’s your organised plan — trip sitters etc.)

Be Sensible

If you are attending a party where everyone is gonna be on a different level, it’s best to go with a low or medium dose — high if you’re very experienced. This way you are less likely to be overwhelmed by the loud music, flashing lights, social pressures etc. Overstimulation can be a trigger for a less positive trip — especially if you are in an unfamiliar space. 

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Ringing in the Year with Shrooms

Our recommendation for a New Year’s Eve trip, is to gather a small bunch of friends together, take the dose that feels right for you, and see in the New Year, enjoying the cosy vibes. You can talk about your hopes and aspirations for the year, and reflect on the previous year’s events. All while enjoying the fractal patterns, warm fuzzies and giggles intensified by the twinkling Christmas lights you may still have hanging around. 

We also recommend you keep drinking to a minimum. Let the pure shroom trip shine through to the countdown. 

Tripping on New Year’s Day

Tripping on New Year’s Day is a somewhat more ceremonial experience. Starting a year with a journey of self discovery is quite the baller move honestly. Big start-as-you-mean-to-go-on energy!

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It could be a spur of the moment decision, after a night of celebrations. Continue the journey of the New Year by rolling into a light trippy haze. However, this could be a bit risky — a hangover and shroom trip crossover is not necessarily the episode we’ve all been waiting to see. If you can do it, swell. But this is how we would trip on New Year’s Day:

Start Fresh

Firstly, don’t get wrecked the night before. If you really want your New Year’s Day trip to be meaningful, and your spiritual kickstart to the year, you need to come in fresh. 

Wake up and greet the day. It’s likely to be chilly, it’s January 1st afterall. Get outside and breathe it all in, or at least crack a window and huff that fresh air. If you have pals coming round to trip too, welcome them when they arrive. Take some time to write down your intentions for the New Year.

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 Think carefully of how you word your intentions – a way to help you manifest during your trip is to think as if you already have achieved your goals. Instead of saying ‘I will be more confident in the New Year’, say ‘I am a confident person.’ Magic mushrooms have the gift of helping make your mind more open, relaxing the strict pathways that make us imagine we can only be ‘one type’ of person. Focusing on your goals while tripping can help to solidify them for the future. Crazy but true!

Ceremonial Shroom Tea

An appropriately ceremonial way of taking your shrooms is by brewing tea. It will warm you up on a chilly winter day, and it will feel special as you sip from your magic cup. How high a dose you take is up to you — it depends on what you want from your trip, and how experienced you are. Check out our magic mushroom and truffle dosage guide to help you make your decision. 

You will then go on your psychedelic New Year’s journey. Let it wash over you, see the sights and drink in any teaching moments, spiritual discoveries, perhaps even a bit o’ ego death. Try and harness the power that 2022 will bring you, be optimistic, be strong and manifest your intentions you made earlier. You’ve got this! Check out our tripping guide to make sure you have all bases covered!

Start As You Mean To Go On…

When you start your comedown, it’s time for some serious cosiness. Blankets, your favourite movie, nice food. It’s like Christmas all over again! Start the year as you mean to go on, by treating yourself nice. You could always note down the things you felt and experienced to read throughout the rest of the year, whenever you feel a bit stuck. Or you can settle down for nap, dreaming of the next 364 days to come…

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Which Will You Choose?

What’s your jam? New Year’s Eve tripping? Or New Year’s Day? Let us know in the comments below!

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