Cluster Headaches are a pain! Now What?

Cluster headaches are very painful headaches, and are worse than migraines. Microdosing is an effective treatment to reduce symptoms for sufferers aka ‘clusterheads.’ Cluster headaches are sharp and severe pains that occur on one side of the head. They occur in episodes, sometimes 8-10x a day! One ‘clusterhead’ claimed that it hurts more than childbirth. Medical science still cannot fully understand cluster headaches. Therefore, current treatments are difficult because they are expensive and difficult. These treatments include oxygen tanks, opiates, or even frequent injections.   

Around 20% of sufferers still cannot find proper treatment, because it’s impractical and has bad side effects like heart problems or gum disease. Sometimes the treatments stop working all together, because the body becomes immune. 

A microdose every other day keeps the headaches away <3 

Microdosing psilocybin for headaches is one of the best ways to treat cluster headaches, migraines, and regular headaches. That is because psilocybin and psilocin contain an alkaloid called Tryptamine. This compound works to activate serotonin in your brain. Increased serotonin reduces inflammation. As a result, you reduce the headache pain. This alkaloid is found in many psychedelics like magic mushrooms, magic truffles, LSD, or even DMT.  

When you microdose on psilocybin, it normally takes 45 minutes to begin feeling the benefits. 

With that said, researchers surveyed headache sufferers on the benefits of psilocybin. A majority have claimed that not only can psilocybin be as effective as a leading headache treatment, but it was also the best way to prevent headaches. Furthermore, there were no side effects noted in the survey. Plus, microdosing every few days takes less effort than other treatments, which require daily use.

How do I microdose for my cluster headaches? 

To microdose for your cluster headaches (or migraines), we recommend you eat our fresh magics truffles at 1 gram. 

  1. The Fadiman Method: You take your 1 gram microdose of fresh magic truffles every 3 days. 

Taking your 1 gram microdose every 3 days gives your brain the break it needs, and it’s a good tryout to see how your body is reacting to the microdose. Some people microdose every other day. While that is an option we recommend, headache sufferers should proceed with caution, so your body gets the rest it needs. Therefore, it’s best to first space out the days for a few cycles.  

It’s also a really good idea to journal your experiences. Each week of microdosing, write how many cluster headaches you’ve experienced, the pain level, the gram amount, and what days you microdosed. That way, you bookmark the improvement you’re having. Unlike other short term treatments like pain relievers, psilocybin can very well be a potential long term treatment. So, be patient and microdose steadily.  

Research conducted linking cluster headaches (& migraine) treatment with microdosing is beginning. But, many headache sufferers are frustrated with how medical science doesn’t provide many answers for them. So, they have taken matters into their own hands. Online communities like Reddit have proven to be reliable sources to share tips and information with other users. Proceed with caution: everyone’s body is different! But it is definitely a good starting point to understand the experiences! 

Why do I get headaches when I microdose?

Once in a while, you may hear or read online that someone has headaches on their dosage day. There are several reasons which you should understand, so you don’t experience:

  • They’re microdosing on LSD which is different from magic truffles. LSD is a synthetic psychedelic, making your brain process information and thoughts very fast. 

    Therefore, microdosing LSD can sometimes tire your brain out. Psilocybin on the other hand, is “earthier,” with most users saying it feels healthier and works better with their brain chemistry. 

  • The second reason why you may experience headaches, yet you’re microdosing on psilocybin, is because you’re not drinking enough water. Make sure to stay extra hydrated and drink around 2.000-2.300 millimeters of water, especially on your dosage day.  

  • Your microdose dosage is too high. Some microdosers take 2-3 grams of magic truffles, than the recommended 1 gram. While it may be the case that some do not trip on 2-3 grams of magic truffles, you are not giving your body the break it needs. Think of microdosing like your cup of coffee; if you’re drinking large amounts of caffeine, your brain will be on overdrive, resulting in headaches, irritation, or mental unrest.  


Sometimes, microdosing is not the cause of your headaches. It can be another root cause. Maybe you just got a new glasses prescription, or you haven’t gotten much sleep. Make sure to evaluate external causes which may be preventing the best microdosing experience. Psilocybin is not a cure for all substances. 

So..Microdosing for Cluster Headaches? 

In short the topic of ‘microdosing psilocybin for cluster headaches’ is increasing in testimonies and clinical research. You can refer to these resources for your own peace of mind. Research indicates that unlike ibuprofen, steroids, or opiates, magic truffles have long term results and no side effects. That is because it prevents your body from producing less headaches, even when you’re not dosing. It reduces blood flow to your brain, which means less head stress. And, psilocybin is non-toxic, compared to other medical treatments.  

With all this said, remember to take things slow if you plan on microdosing as a cluster headache treatment. Start with the Fadmin method, journal your first few weeks to compare, and drink enough water.  

What psilocybin microdose can do for you is help your mind relax and de-stress. Most importantly, it’s about discovering your body and realizing that microdosing for cluster headaches might just be the thing you needed to get through your day <3.